Tamiflu and also Relenza, the world’s front-line defences versus influenza, are only as reliable as paracetamol or acetaminophen, the energetic ingredient in Tylenol, at fighting the disease.

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Analysis the clinical attempt data released by the manufacturers, Roche and GlaxoSmithKline, after a 5 year fight to keep them secret, disclose that it cuts the term of flu symptoms by simply a solitary day.

The evaluation by the Cochrane Acute respiratory tract Infections Group, led through Dr Tom Jefferson, likewise warned that oseltamivir, the energetic ingredient in both medicines, reasons nausea and vomiting and increases the threat of headaches and renal and also psychiatric syndromes.

"I wouldn"t provide it for symptom relief,” stated Dr Jefferson, a clinical epidemiologist and also former GP. “I"d give paracetamol."

Peter Doshi, a post-doctoral other at john Hopkins University college of Medicine and member that the Cochrane team, said in the British clinical Journal (BMJ) “We are no much longer sure that oseltamivir supplies a therapeutic and public wellness policy advantage over cheap, end the counter drugs such together aspirin. If the general public is to to trust in public health and wellness policies, the clinical basis informing knowledge of the harms and also effects the those interventions must be public and also open come independent analysis.”

Crucially, the review team found small evidence to support the insurance claim by Roche that the drug can interrupt the transmission of the disease, a an important argument sustaining its stockpiling for use versus outbreaks, such as the 2009 swine flu scare. “It is unproven that it have the right to stop world carrying the influenza virus and also spreading it to others,” they said in the Cochrane Library Journal.

Roche"s Tamiflu (Photo credit: Wikipedia) is reported to it is in as efficient as Tylenol

The paper, released in the BMJ, said: “These findings carry out reason to inquiry the stockpiling that oseltamivir, its consists on the who perform of vital drugs, and its usage in clinical practice as one anti-influenza drug.”

An associated article argued that the brothers Government, which i was delegated the report, had actually wasted £500m ($830m) stockpiling the medicine. The US has actually spent $1.3bn on its stockpile.

Carl Heneghan, Professor the Evidence-Based medication at the university of Oxford and also one of the report"s authors, told the BBC: "I think the totality £500m has actually not benefited human health and wellness in any method and we may have harmed people.”

Oseltamivir is one of a course of drugs called neuraminidase inhibitors which act on a famous protein, protecting against the virus indigenous reproducing by budding from the cell wall. The works against both influenza A and also B.

The authors reviewed 46 trials entailing 24,000 patients and also 150,000 pages of regulation documents. The accessibility to data far surpassed that obtainable to ahead studies, consisting of those by the authorities the approved the medicines.

Roche responded that the researchers were inexperienced, had failed to understand the data, and also that it disagreed with their conclusions.

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“The report’s methodology is regularly unclear and also inappropriate, and also their conclusions could potentially have serious public health and wellness implications,” claimed the this firm UK clinical Director, Dr Daniel Thurley.

“Tamiflu, the firm said, “has to be reviewed and approved for use in over 100 countries, has actually a well-understood safety profile and ... Has been taken by over 130 million patients worldwide.”


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