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COVID-19 impacts on registration Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,state moment-g.coms nationwide have closeddriver licensingoffices, prolonged license and registration expiration dates,and/or limited the transactions they space processing. If possible, inhabitants shoulduse the SOS" online services to complete any kind of relevant transactions. Monitor the SOS" most recent updates because that the latest information.

SUMMARY: exactly how to it is registered Your auto in Michigan

To have your auto registered through the MI SOS, you"ll require to provide your vehicle title, driver"s license, proof of insurance, and also payment for her registration fee. If friend purchased a brand-new vehicle native a dealership, the dealer will generally handle the paperwork for you. Girlfriend can also obtain a short-term registration permit if friend only plan to journey your vehicle for a short duration of time.

If you"ve newly taken increase residence in Michigan or purchase a new car, you need to register her vehicle(s) v Michigan"s Secretary that State (SOS).

If you already have a registered auto you should renew your registration, please visit our web page on it is registered Renewals.

NOTE: over there are different registration requirements for other automobile types, such as custom-built cars and also ATVs. Visit our web page on Other auto Registrations because that details.

New come Michigan?

After creating residency in the good Lakes state, friend must immediately register your auto with Michigan"s Secretary of State (SOS).

vehicle registration and titling typically occur simultaneously. To learn an ext about titles, visit our web page on location Transfers.

To achieve a Michigan auto registration certificate, visit your regional SOS office with:

present out-of-state vehicle title. All owners need to be present. If one owner provided on the location is unable to appear, castle must: provide a star chep of their driver"s license or identifier card. Out-of-state vehicle registration, if her title is being held by a lienholder (certificate deserve to be existing or newly expired). evidence of identification (out-of-state driver"s license, photograph ID card, birth certificate). Payment come cover registration and also titling fees (see “Vehicle it is registered Fees" below).

your Michigan automobile registration certificate expires on the owner"s birthday.

Registering a auto in Michigan

The procedure for automobile registration differs based on whether your auto was purchased from a dealer, bought native a private individual, or transferred/gifted to you native a household member.

Make certain you have actually an active car insurancepolicy when registering your vehicle.

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Vehicles Purchased native a Dealership

If you purchase from a dealership, the dealer will submit your title and car registration files for you.

hold onto copies of these documents until her title, it is registered certificate, and Michigan license plate all arrive in the mail. These will certainly serve as short-lived proofs of ownership.

Vehicles Purchased from a exclusive Party

If you purchase from an individual, the responsibility falls on friend to take care of the titling and vehicle registration, which go hand-in-hand. The Secretary of State recommends the you and also the seller visit one SOS office together because that this process.

You have 15 days native the day of purchase to title and register your vehicle. You may drive there is no plates for the an initial 3 job in stimulate to register your vehicle. Your assigned title will serve together proof if stopped.

to register, visit your regional Secretary the State office with:

The signed-over title. The title should incorporate the following: Odometer reading. The buyer"s and seller"s signatures. The signature of the lienholder, if applicable. The vehicle identification number (VIN). Proof of to know (driver"s license, U.S. Passport, photograph ID card). Payment for every applicable fees and also taxes (see “Vehicle it is registered Fees" below).

Vehicles Gifted/Transferred native a family members Member

The procedure for vehicle registrations when purchasing or transferring between family members is the same as those mentioned above for purchases native a exclusive individual.

However, you room exempt indigenous paying use tax on the vehicle if you room buying/receiving the from any type of of the adhering to immediate family members members:

Parents (including adoptive or step-parents). Siblings (including half- and step-siblings). Children (including embraced children). Grandparents and also grandchildren. Legal guardians or wards.

You will not require to lug proof the your relationship to the SOS in order to qualify because that the taxation exemption. However, the department of Treasury may contact you come ask for proof.

NOTE: because that the purposes of assessing taxes and exemptions, every “step" relationships end in the occasion of a divorce.

Transferring a Michigan vehicle Registration

You can transfer her existing license plates come a newly-purchased vehicle, noted the SOS has actually it in its documents as being under your name.

To finish the automobile registration transfer, visit any SOS branch office with:

her current Michigan automobile registration certificate. If the SOS deserve to verify your license plate number in their database, that will certainly suffice. The title the the brand-new vehicle. If the location is being processed, the SOS will certainly accept a copy the the location application. Payment because that the $10 deliver fee.

keep in mind that if you additionally apply for a new title in ~ this time, added fees will certainly apply.

Temporary registration Permits

If you don"t setup on control your vehicle for one extended duration of time (if, for example, you are in the military and out that the country frequently), the state does offer temporary car registration patent valid because that 30 days and also 60 days.

The permit will cost you a certain part of what your full registration fee would be:

30 work permit: one of two people a part of the annual registration rate, or $20 (whichever is higher). 60 days permit: either a section of the annual registration price or $40 (whichever is higher).

In addition, both patent come with a $10 company fee.

use by visiting any type of SOS office with:

The vehicle"s MI title. Payment for the $10 short-term permit fee.

Military & Non-Resident auto Registration

Military Members

MI army Stationed In State

The state does not offer any type of vehicle it is registered exemptions or waivers because that Michigan military personnel life in the state. Simply follow the processes noted above based on your particular vehicle purchase.

MI army Stationed the end of State

To register a automobile while deployed external of the state, submit:

A completed applications for Michigan automobile Title (TR-11L). A copy of the title. Payment for registration and title fees and also taxes (see “Vehicle registration Fees" below). Make inspect or money order make payable to “State of Michigan."

letter documents and payment to:

Michigan room of State Special solutions Branch 7064 Crowner journey Lansing, Michigan 48918

NOTE: auto registration regeneration late fees room waived for every Michigan armed forces members stationed external of the state on active duty.

Jump end to our drivers in the army page for extr information.

Non-Resident army in Michigan

Out-of-state armed forces personnel stationed in Michigan are permitted to drive v their out-of-state plates. Make sure you keep your registration current in your residence state.

If you select to make Michigan her residence, you may register your out-of-state automobile using the methods described in “New come Michigan?" above.

Michigan auto Registration because that Non-Residents

If you"re an out-of-state student attending college in Michigan, in most instances you execute not have to register with the SOS. However, if you take a part-time or full time job, your exemption is negated, inquiry Michigan patent plates for her vehicle.

If you"re a non-resident living or working in the state, you have to register your automobile with Michigan"s SOS if you create residency in any kind of of the following ways:

it is registered to poll in Michigan. Document a Michigan earnings tax statement. Open a Michigan business. Acquire a Michigan driver"s license. Pay in-state college tuition.

Michigan auto Registration Fees

just how your registration fees are calculated is based upon her vehicle"s age:

Model year 1984 and newer: Fees are based upon the manufacturer"s argued retail price (MSRP). Model year 1983 and also older: Fees are based on the vehicle"s weight.

various other base fees that might apply:

Title fee: $15. Vehicle registration so late fee: $10. Vehicle title late fee: $15. Vehicle registration move fee: $10. Use tax: 6%. License plate fee: $5 (standard plate).

Obtain a Duplicate Michigan vehicle Registration

If her MI registration certificate is damaged or goes missing, the onus is on you to change it immediately.

Fortunately, the state renders it straightforward to apply with an digital replacement form.

to apply, you"ll require to administer your:

Social defense number. MI driver"s patent number. Eye color. Day of birth.

A MI duplicate registration certificate is free. For more information, visit our instead of a lost Registration page.

Michigan license Plates

when it come time to achieve a MI car registration certificate, you"ll additionally be given a an option of patent plates. You have the right to opt because that a conventional plate, or among the state"s many devoted plates. Our license Plates & Placards page offers the full scoop on her choices.

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Replace your MI license Plate

If your license plate has actually been lost, stolen, or damaged, visit any type of Michigan Secretary of State office with:

Proof that identification. One of two people the car"s registration certificate or the license key number. Payment because that the $5 plate instead of fee. intend to pay additional fees for committed plates.

notify your local law enforcement agency immediately if you suspect the patent plate was stolen.