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being pregnant is an amazing experience but it likewise comes through some restrictions as to what you have the right to safely eat and also drink.

For plenty of moms to be this have the right to be a confound issue. Therefore to assist you out, we have taken a look at a question that every single pregnant mrs will desire to recognize the answer to – can friend eat cookie dough ice cream if pregnant?

Check out our post below where we look in ~ which cookie dough ice cream creams are safe and also which are not as well as the reasons behind them.

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Brands that Cookie Dough ice cream Cream That room Safe because that Pregnant Women

The great news for pregnant ladies is that the majority of commercially make cookie dough ice creams room perfectly for sure for pregnant women to eat.

The reason that these space safe is that the manufacturers usage heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, milk, and cream in their ice cream – this contains the cookie dough variety.

Here room a couple of of the brands of cookie dough ice cream that room safe to consume when pregnant:

Ben and also Jerry’s coco Chip Cookie Dough ice cream Cream –They usage heat-treated flour and also pasteurized dairy and eggs in their ice cream cream and their cookie dough.Breyers coco Chip Cookie Dough ice cream Cream –All the ingredients used in your cookie dough ice cream space pasteurized and also are safe to consume while pregnant.Häagen-Dazs chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream Cream –The agency confirmed the all dairy assets used space pasteurized and also that they also use high-temperature short-time technique or HTST.Dairy Queen’s coco Chip Cookie Dough ice Cream Blizzard –This variation is eggless and all flour used is warmth treated. But one point to keep in mind is that their blizzard is soft-serve ice cream cream and also although every ingredients are pasteurized, the security of the product relies heavily on the dispensing an equipment being the the highest possible cleaning standards.

Cookie Dough ice cream Cream that Isn’t safe For Pregnant Women

Unfortunately not every cacao chip cookie dough ice cream cream is suitable for females to eat while pregnant. This deserve to be due to unpasteurized ingredients, flour the is no heat-treated, and other factors.

Here space some instances of those coco chip cooked dough ice creams that space unsafe:


It is very common for ladies to crave ice cream cream when they are pregnant, particularly if they space carrying with the warmth summer months – together I did through two of my pregnancies.

There yes, really is nothing far better than cooling off through a nice key of ice cream. However ice cream must be spend in moderation, even if it is it has actually cookie dough in the or not.

Ice cream is really high in fat and sugar, it’s no all poor it go contain calcium too. However it is still not the best an option to eat often while pregnant or in fact also when no pregnant.

It is among the plenty of foods that should be saved for an occasional treat, and also if you space one of plenty of pregnant ladies that establishes gestational diabetes then you require to check with your health and wellness professional before eating ice cream.


What ice cream cream is safe throughout pregnancy?

Most soft ice creams and processed assets should be perfect fine as they room made with pasteurized milk and also eggs. Definition that any risk of salmonella food poisoning has been removed.

Is homemade ice cream for sure while pregnant?

If you room after a homemade ice cream you must make certain that you use a pasteurized egg instead of or follow an egg-free recipe.

Is frozen cookie dough ok if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately freezing cookie dough renders no distinction to the potential dangers that it deserve to pose to pregnant women. Freezing will not kill things such together salmonella in raw egg or E.coli or any other pathogens uncovered in life flour – both that which can survive yes, really low temperatures.

The last Thought

Almost every pregnant mrs craves ice cream cream at some point in their pregnancy and also it renders a great treat on those warm summer days.

Ice cream come in such a wide range of flavors that you space sure to find one the satisfies any type of unusual cravings you might be having – so it is always great to understand what friend can and can not eat safely.

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So if you are fancying cookie dough ice cream cream, if friend stick come those brands that we have actually mentioned above then friend should have actually no problems except because that wanting come eat the whole tub.

If her ice cream of choice is homemade or soft-serve climate you need to check that the ingredients supplied are pasteurized and also that they have actually strict cleaning rules in place. Yet otherwise dive in and also enjoy a small treat!!

If you do have actually a craving for other foods you may also be wonder if they are safe to eat while you space pregnant – have the right to you eat Chinese food if pregnant? or Is it safe to eat olives during pregnancy?