Because record bedding is so regularly used for guinea pigs, it renders sense come wonder if newspaper could work, too. After ~ all, what is the difference? us are often asked have the right to I use newspaper because that guinea pig bedding?

Can I use newspaper for guinea pig bedding? The an easy answer is no. Newspaper contains high levels of ink which as soon as wet can release into the cage and get on their skin causing wellness issues. Guinea pigs likewise chew and eat bedding and also swallowing ink is not an excellent for your guinea pig.

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Newspaper is published with lots of ink. This makes it unsuitable for guinea pigs, as ink is toxicity to the small guys.

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The most highly recommended timber bedding choice is aspen wood, because it has actually no harmful aromas or toxins, and also it is likewise largely dust-free.

Of course, the aspen bedding for her guinea pig must be the reasonable quality. The is strongly recommend to never achieve aspen timber shavings native a lumberyard instead of a pet store. These lumber shavings have actually not been sanitized because that bugs, mites or other unpleasantness. Clearly these room not points you will desire to be introducing your guinea pig to.

Instead, acquisition some aspen wood bedding at a pet keep or online. There, all you may need to protect against is the really cheapest choice, together it is normally of bad quality. Many aspen timber bedding in ~ pet stores or virtual will it is in both affordable and also of an excellent quality.

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The greatest shortcoming of aspen wood bedding is that it is no as absorbent together some. This way it will must be readjusted out a bit an ext often.