Redbox was founded in 2002 and also has since expanded to 42, 000 kiosks. That works favor a vending device for dispensing movie at a small fee.

Using Redbox

1. Situate a Redbox. Most of castle are uncovered outside well-known grocery stores, gas stations, and also department stores. If you room unsure the the Redbox that is close to you, girlfriend can find it in the Redbox website under the choice "Redbox Locations." get in your ZIP password to discover a Redbox close to you.

2. Produce an account come reserve a movie or video clip game

3. If you visit a Redbox to rent your video game or movie, girlfriend will have three options; "Online Rental pick Up," "Rent a DVD," and "Return DVD."

4. Choose the video game or movie you want to rent. If friend don"t watch it, click on "More Titles"

5. Pick "Add to Cart"

6. Once you space done, click "Check Out" and also enter your an individual details together prompted.

7. Swipe your card and also enter her email address to acquire a receipt.

8. Push "Done."

Returning her Rental Movie

1. Click on the choice "Return a DVD" on the opened screen

2. Suggest the arrowhead towards the slot at the ideal of the machine

3. Insert the disc right into the slot to complete your return

4. Choose to obtain a return receipt when prompted

Always ensure that you have an e-mail sent together a receipt for her Redbox rental and return. The DVDs may gain stuck to the machine. If you do not have actually a receipt, you will certainly be fee for not returning it. Girlfriend should additionally keep track of the plastic situations that hold the discs. You might need to pay a fees to change them.

You should try to return her rental by 9:00 afternoon on the next day. It is the deadline for your Redbox rentals. If friend missed the deadline, your video clip game or movie will certainly be automatically rented because that the next day.

Redbox allows you to rent her movie or video clip game for as long as you need it. However, renting for lengthy periods results in higher charges. If you reach the maximum rental period, you will certainly be charged the preferably rental amount and you deserve to keep the disc.

When girlfriend rent, carry out not remove the bar password from the facility of the disc. It is important when returning. Friend can"t return a disc if it can not be read.

You perform not need to return your movie come the Redbox whereby you got it.

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Redbox has a rent-and-return-anywhere plan that permits you come return your movie or video clip game to any kind of Redbox in the country. On her mobile device, you might use the Redbox GPA situate you can find the Redbox that is closest to her location.

If you need assist with her Redbox rentals or returns, you might seek help from the customer assistance team. Among the best ways to contact Redbox for assistance is ~ above the phone. It is in polite and patient even if you feeling frustrated. The customer assistance agents space helpful and also you can contact them with any kind of of your issues. Friend may have actually to contact several times prior to getting the assist you need.

Live chat is another good option to look for support if phone assistance is not a good option. It additionally gives girlfriend the chance to speak v a customer treatment agent.

If you don"t should speak straight with an agent, you may seek assistance through email. Send an e-mail with every the necessary details of her concern and also the form of assist you would like to receive.


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