April stupid Day is near. Facts sometimes seem choose foolishness, but then, reality is often stranger than fiction.

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Through the years, I"ve come across bits of details that make me wonder, "Who figured this the end and, more notably, why?" Some explorations were most likely inadvertently made while studying connected subjects. Others, a praying mantis has only one ear, don"t take lot figuring.

Want to impress your girlfriend or perhaps spend a the majority of time alone? sign up with a group at the following party and also exclaim, "Honeybees have hair on your eyeballs!" I suppose this is quite necessary to a honeybee, although fixed a life-changing statement because that you and also me. Nifty little facts prefer this can and also do spur interest to inspection further. That"s wherein the fascinating starts.

I looked right into several claims and also found the basis for part a little of a stretch. I additionally found some myths. A duck"s quack go echo, a mosquito go not have actually 47 teeth, a goldfish does have actually a memory much longer than 3 seconds and also a leech does not have 32 brains.

I take it a quick, unscientific, glance in ~ a couple of more. They seemed to have a communication in reality, return I admit I didn"t destruction for flawless credentials. If you doubt chicken that put brown eggs have red ear lobes, you re welcome feel totally free to examine it out.

The odor membranes in a dog"s nose, if unfolded, deserve to cover an area higher than the dog"s whole body. Dog have about 900 square inch of sleep membrane - humans have actually 65.

Some ribbon worms will certainly eat themselves if castle can"t find any food. They have the right to survive after eating 95 percent of your body weight.

When a flea jumps, lift-off is so fast that the flea reaches height acceleration that 140 Gs - more than 30 times that of astronauts during the start of the Saturn 5 moon rocket.

The longest proved recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds and also 301.5 feet (disputed by someone through a lively puppy).

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Beetles taste prefer apples, wasps favor pine nuts, and also worms like fried bacon. (Disputed - beetles taste prefer peanuts, according to some) carry out your own homework!

One cow gives off 100 to 500 liters the methane gas in a solitary day. Question: "Do cows pollute much more than cars?" I just read 5 pages top top the topic - yes without doubt I did. It"s actually rather fascinating and also helped me recognize why someone would examine this.

Fact or fiction, April stupid or April Aha, the natural human being is an exceptional place and also anything but dull!