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Mya has an unbridled passion for peanut butter......but she just gets it around once a month. I did simply makes some homemade treats that have actually PB in them.Above all else, imo labs should be maintained slim because that their own sake, for this reason feed/treat accordingly.
I for sure agree! It"s really not difficult to make certain labs space at a healthy weight, and it is MUCH much better for them in the long run.I occasionally offer our adult guys peanut butter in their Kongs probably about once a month. I likewise make sure I buy a variety that has actually no sugar or salt, I figure that has to be much better for them than the typical peanut butter.Not that I know for sure, however I would presume it would be yes to offer peanut butter at 8 weeks, as long as that is in moderation.
They love cream cheese too. Simply don"t give cheese also often due to calcium content. I usage it for special treats, and also to obtain meds under Sophie.
No - it"s necessary for growth, yet if you space feeding a top quality puppy food (which has actually the exactly amount that calcium in the formula) you have to not add any calcium (in cheese type or yogurt kind or together a supplement) or friend may really well have too much growth which can lead to joint problems. ~ above the peanut butter - ns would give an 8 main old really minimal quanities if in ~ all. Because that treats, you have the right to use the kibble you feed at meals. Ns assume you are using treats if training together rewards.
I just have to wonder why people feel it"s important to "treat" a puppy for great behavior. Why not simply use the sound of her voice and praise? dog don"t need a treat once they potty. A "good dog!" and a rub functions fine. I have the right to honestly to speak I have never stuffed a kong or anything else because that a dog to keep them busy. I simply don"t obtain it.

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I just need to wonder why civilization feel it"s crucial to "treat" a puppy for great behavior. Why not just use the sound of your voice and praise? dog don"t require a treat as soon as they potty. A "good dog!" and a rub functions fine.
I agree v this component wholeheartedly, i have had actually much encouragement to begin off v treats in the early going and then wean the puppy off of them. Together I declared to the breeder, real civilization I would not be giving treats. V that all claimed I have the right to understand why people do it, it simply hasn"t to be my means of thinking. Bottom heat a puppy have to be gaining lots of praise with or there is no treats.We will certainly see how it walk without.This is what I must do there is no treats "Lucic" 7 week old black Labrador puppy retrieving KONG Water Wubba Dog Toy - YouTube
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