Driving in ~ night v either brake lights or tail lamp not functioning is dangerous because that you and also other motorists on the road. That takes a long time to an alert when the brake lights no working however tail lights room or vice versa. It is so since you won’t understand what is keep going in the backside when driving until someone points it out.

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Both brake and tail lamp are critical for roadway safety. If any kind of of castle does not work, other motorists behind friend won’t check out if you are moving or not. It can cause severe accidents, particularly on dark roads or throughout heavy rain and also snow. The cops will also flag friend if they check out you are throughout without work lights.

The factors for Brake Lights not Working but Tail lamp Are

It’s a strange problem because you the tail lights work-related fine when you drive however hitting the brake produce no response from the rear lights. Sometimes, pressing the brakes transforms off the tail lamp too and also they don’t start working again until you permit the brakes off.

The feasible reasons for brake lights no working however tail lights are:

The irradiate Bulbs

Blown the end light bulbs room the most typical reason for why the brake lights not working but the tail lights are. Eliminate the screws from the pear lens (which girlfriend can accessibility through the tribe or see your car repair manual to acquire the precise location). Press the bulbs and turn castle counterclockwise to eliminate from the socket.

Blown the end lights can be a reason.

You have to replace bulbs if castle have gained darkened or the filaments are blown. Pick the brand-new bulbs the the same kind and wattage. In most European cars, the exact same bulb does the task of the tail and brake lighting. However, that has twin filaments, allowing one collection still working while the other set is burnt.

Fuse Box and Light Switch

You have actually to discover the fuse box or the power distribution facility (PDC). You will obtain the fuse panel under the dashboard and the PDC under the hood. The brake light switch is also to be found under the dashboard and check if the plunger touch the brake pedal arm. Any type of problem through the fuse box and light move will impact the brake lights.

In situation if the fuse is blown, change it with a brand-new one. Remember that the brand-new one has to have the very same amperage that the old unit. Besides, try to find out the reason of the puffy fuse. Otherwise, it will be a recurring problem.

The electric Ground

If the brake irradiate switch is functional, you have actually to check for a bad electrical ground (some auto models have actually the switch provided ground). It could happen as result of a loosened connection of the wire or the corrosion or damages of the wire ends. Affix the light switch come a great ground with a jumper wire and press the brake pedal. If the brake light turns on, you have to fix the soil connection.


Check the Wiring

If all the components mentioned over are working just fine, you have to look in other places to uncover the resource of the problem. The wiring native the fuse panel to the brake light switch and also from the switch to the pear sockets and also lights can be loosened or frayed. The connection and the bulb housing might be corroded. You have actually to change these components if found any kind of such problem.

Examine the revolve Signal Switch

The brake light circuit deserve to be a component of the rotate signal circuit in some automobile models. The brake light i will not ~ respond if the switch is damaged or bad. Check the switch’s wiring diagram and also find the solitary wire that establishes a connection in between the brake light and also turn signal switches. Access the turn light switch’s electrical connector, activate the brake light switch by pressing the brake pedal, and earlier probe the cable by utilizing a test light. If the check light is not on, you have actually to change this wire.

Why i will not ~ My Tail Lights occupational When my Headlights are On

Sometimes tail lights may not work properly when the brake lights room fine.

The rear and headlights have actually separate connections. So, one set will still work-related while the other set might have actually some problems and also don’t work. Tail lights might turn turn off for numerous reasons and they space almost similar to the causes why brake lights no working yet tail lights are.

The reasons for dysfunctional behind lights are:

Burnt bulbsBlown the end fuseDamaged wiringElectrical issues

If friend still cannot discover out the difficulty for her non-functional brake lamp or tail lights or space not sure about the measures mentioned above, take it the car to an professional mechanic. Don’t try to settle anything whether it is a significant repair or a little one once you have tiny knowledge around car mechanism.

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Frequently asked Questions

Brake lights, tail lights room the many famous automobile parts that automobile owners desire to know about, because there are so countless problems roughly them. In this article, our vehicle experts will aid car owner answer several of the most typical questions:

What would cause brake lights no to work?

There space three things that can lead to this issue: 

Faulty brake irradiate bulbs.The brake light wiring move is damaged.  The automobile has a damaged brake light device fuse.

Luckily, every one of these problems can it is in spotted and also solved easily. 

What would reason my tail lights to continue to be on?

There are many causes for tail light constantly remaining on when the auto is turned off: A damaged brake light switch, damaged trailer light plug, faulty brake light switch stopper, broken wiring harness,… over there are assorted reasons, however, girlfriend can inspect whether the is the brake lights or the tail lights to see which space the parts having problems.

Are brake lights and also tail lamp the same?

They room different. Brake lights are the lights that rotate on instantly when chauffeurs press the brakes pedal, while tail lights space only involved while your parking brake is ~ above or as soon as you rotate on the headlights. Girlfriend can likewise recognize by the color: The tail lights room normal red, when the brake lights are a much more luminous red on many cars. 

How carry out I resolve my brake lights not working?

In the situation when brake lights room not functioning properly, you have to make certain that the strength is walk through and also check the fuse. If the brakes lights space turned on in ~ the exact same time as turn signal lights, you require to carry it come the mechanics because that a check. 

How execute I check brake lights by myself?

In cases that you need to check brake lights, this is the guideline:

First of all, revolve the ignition on. You need the ignition to it is in turned top top in order to offer brake lamp a clear check. Also, make sure the automobile is no in gear and open the car door. The following step is to discover a floor brush or mop and also put its finish on the brake pedal. By law this, friend can use pressure to the pedal while also checking the brake lights. Auto owners have the right to now push down till the brake is engaged and also locked in place. Currently you can gain behind your car and also check the brake lights.

How lot does it expense to replace a brake light?

Lucky for us, a brake irradiate is quite cheap contrasted to other automobile parts. It is constantly a minimal expense for instead of the brake light bulb. A bulb costs from $5 to $10 and the charging procedure costs $20, therefore the maximum price will certainly be around $30. 

How much does it cost to rewire brake lights?

It relies on the style of the brake lights: Some auto manufacturers style it come be simple to rewire, yet some automobiles forced tail light removal in order to replace and rewire brake lights. So the labor cost will be roughly $7 come $60. Plus with the expense of the pear from $1 to $8, automobile owners will expense a maximum of $68 in order to rewire brake lights. 

Can ns drive through no brake lights?

No. Very first of all, girlfriend will get pulled over and also be fined through a police officer due to the fact that it is certainly illegal to journey without a working brake light.

Second that all, other motorists cannot view you an extremely well in the dark. There is no brake lights, that is difficult for them to know whether friend are avoiding or not, so mishaps on the road are an extremely likely.

Imagine driving at night top top the highway and also your car’s brake lights space broken. 

How long does it take it to solve a brake light?

1 hour. This is the preferably time for brake light bulb replacement because it is not complicated at all. The process should be about 40 come 60 minute to complete.