“Blue” is the command & debut single from LeAnn Rimes‘ debut album Blue.The tune was initially sung by bill Mack in 1956 and later extended by Kenny Roberts in 1966. That was… read More 
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BlueOh, for this reason lonesome for youWhy can't you it is in blue end me?BlueOh, so lonesome because that youTears to fill my eyes'Til ns can't seeThree o'clock in the morningHere to be ISitting here so lonelySo lonesome I could cryBlueOh, so lonesome for youWhy can't you it is in blue over me?Now the it's overI realizeThose weak words you whisperedWere nothing but lies
BlueOh, so lonesome for youWhy can't you be blue over me?Why can't you be blue end me?
“Blue” is the lead & debut single from LeAnn Rimes‘ debut album Blue.

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The song was originally sung by bill Mack in 1956 and later covered by Kenny Roberts in 1966. The was recorded by singer-songwriter Polly Stephens Exley in the late ‘80s.

LeAnn very first recorded the song when she was just 11 year old on an elevation album dubbed All That in 1994, yet re-recorded the tune for her debut album as soon as she to be 13 years old. The version on the album is actually the first recording. It was accidentally released to radio and is the record that became a hit.

LeAnn’s variation of “Blue” peaked at #26 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 and also #10 on Billboard’s Hot nation Songs chart in 1996. That was additionally certified yellow by the RIAA.

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The music video clip for “Blue” won 2 Billboard Music Awards in 1996 because that Best country Music video of the Year and also Best brand-new Artist video clip of the Year.

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All the (1994)
LeAnn Rimes
Written By
Bill Mack
Release Date
June 4, 1996
Cover By
Blue by Kristy Lee chef & Blue (The Voice Performance) by Chevel Shepherd
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