Your full trip through all stop is roughly 1,070 mile / 1710 km, taking approximately 18 hrs for the entirety trip. If you want to check out every tiny town follow me the way, friend can obtain a complete list of cities between Ohio and also Florida.

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Stopping points from Ohio come Florida

Start native Ohio (OH).

Charleston, West Virginia is stopping suggest #1 after driving about 200 mile (320 km) or 3.5 hours.

Charlotte, phibìc Carolina is stopping allude #2 ~ driving about 270 mile (430 km) or 4.5 hours. Your full trip so much is around 460 miles or 750 kilometres over around 8 hours of driving.

Savannah, Georgia is stopping suggest #3 ~ driving about 250 miles (410 km) or 4 hours. Your complete trip so much is around 720 mile or 1150 kilometres over roughly 12 hrs of driving.

Jacksonville, Florida is stopping point #4 ~ driving around 140 miles (220 km) or 2 hours. Your total trip so much is around 860 mile or 1380 kilometres over around 14 hours of driving.

Finally, Florida (FL) is your location after driving about 210 mile (340 km) or 3.5 hours. Your complete trip through all stop is roughly 1,070 miles or 1710 km, taking about 18 hours for the totality trip.

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Ohio (OH)

State: Ohio
Country: joined States
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Florida (FL)

State: Florida
Country: unified States
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Stopping suggest calculator helps you number out where tostop once planning a lengthy road trip from one location to another.The ideal stopping point for one overnight hotel remain or a rest fromdriving regularly depends top top how far or exactly how long you desire to journey beforepausing come rest. You can uncover the the next city come your stopping pointto look for hotels, or check out other cities and towns along the route.Use this as a road trip planner once you"re driving cross-countryor mapping a course with lot of stops.

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