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(Venice, Italy) The world"s very first Casanova Museum & Experience difficulties what, exactly, constitutes a museum. The six-room museum housed in Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, a Gothic-style palace overlooking the Misericordia Canal, is crammed through the high-impact story that a complex man whose very name quiet seduces us practically 300 years after his birth. That combines online reality, a zero installation and also an audio overview narrated in a potpourri of languages, together with 18th century fashion, gambling and much more.
Giacomo Casanova was born top top April 2, 1725 in Venice into a household of actors, the earliest of six brothers and sisters. He was sickly, and also thought to be mentally deficit. His grandm watched him while his parents to be on tour; his mother offered birth to a second, more favored, son while in London. His father died when he was eight-years-old, but there is a question around his paternity -- rumor was that he to be the illegitimate kid of Michele Grimani, the aristocratic owner the the mountain Samuele Theatre whereby his parental worked.Casanova was sent to a boardinghouse in Padua at age nine, wherein he lastly kicked right into gear and started to find his voice, and also refused to accept his circumstances. He felt abandoned in the lice-ridden house, insisted top top eating through his very own silverware, and also moved in through his primary instructor, a priest named Gozzi, that tutored him and taught him the violin.It turned out that the was, in reality, supremely intelligent. Casanova acquired a law degree from the college of Padua at period seventeen, however would have preferred a job in medication -- he likewise studied philosophy, mathematics and chemistry, and prescribed his very own treatments because that himself and his friends. Under the insistence of his guardian, he became an abbot, and also began a career together an ecclesiastical attorney, which to be was short-lived.He to buy a commission and became a military officer because he favored dressing up as a soldier, however found his duty boring, and also lost many of his pay play faro. He sold his commission and decided to come to be a experienced gambler, yet again shed all his money. To make ends meet, that next came to be a violinist who delighted in playing scandalous practical jokes with his fellow musicians. And he found women.

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Casanova Museum & Experience
During Carnival, ns highlighted one of Casanova"s escapades in i beg your pardon he and also his gang kidnapped a quite young wife away from her husband, which provides you a taste of his personality in his own words. Click the attach to review the post:

Casanova & girlfriend - A Venice Carnival Seduction

In April 1746, in ~ the period of 21, fate stepped in and also flipped Casanova"s life around. He was hired to play the violin during a three-day wedding celebration event of two aristocratic families. ~ above the 3rd day, close to the end of the festivities, just before dawn, he left to go home. He i found it a senator in a red robe reach right into his pocket because that a handkerchief and also drop a letter. Casanova picked up the letter, captured up come the nobleman, and handed it come him just as that was around to obtain in his gondola. The councilor thanked him, and also offered that a ride home.During the gondola ride, the senator suffered an apoplectic fit and seemed to be dying. Casanova stayed by his side once the councilor was brought home to Palazzo Bragadin -- it turned the end that the senator to be the commemorated Matteo Bragadin, among Venice"s most eloquent statesmen. Two various other patricians arrived; a medical professional arrived and also applied mercury come Bragadin"s chest, and also a priest was referred to as to carry out last rites.The young Casanova, an obscure fiddler, refused to leaving the senator because he felt that if that left Bragadin would certainly die, however as lengthy as the stayed, he would certainly live. Roughly midnight, Bragadin can barely breathe. Casanova assumed the medical professional was a quack and also took things into his very own hands. He wake up up the two other patricians, and washed the poisonous mercury ointment turn off Bragadin"s chest. Instantly the senator improved. Bragadin became convinced that Casanova had actually esoteric knowledge, and also Casanova play the role to the hilt. The illustrious senator claimed that he fan his life to Casanova, and offered come treat him together a son, giving him one apartment within the palazzo, a servant and a stipend. And also thus a legend was born.
Casanova Museum - Photo: Cat Bauer
Bragadin ended up being his lifelong patron and introduced him to the aristocracy, a life that Casanova much preferred. He collection off on his very own Grand Tour, and also joined the Freemasonry in Lyon, France, which detailed him a network that connections. However, once he went back to Venice, his antics and also escapades lugged him to the fist of the Venetian inquisitors. He to be arrested and thrown into the Piombi, or The Leads, the prison in Palazzo Ducale indigenous which that made a daring escape.He was not to go back to Venice for eighteen years. Throughout that time, that met anyone in Europe that was anyone, including Benjamin Franklin and Catherine the Great. He made and also lost millions, and had many licentious and ardent love affairs. The affairs the fascinated him the most were the ones with intelligent women.
"Let anyone ask a beautiful mrs without wit whether she would certainly be ready to exchange a small portion of she beauty for a adequate dose the wit. If she speaks the truth, she will certainly say, "No, i am satisfied come be together I am." yet why is she satisfied? due to the fact that she is not aware of her very own deficiency.

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Let an ugly yet witty mrs be request if she would change her wit against beauty, and she will not hesitation in saying no. Why? Because, discovering the worth of she wit, she is well aware that that is adequate by chin to make her a queen in any society."
Mayor Luigi Brugnaro & president Carlo Parodi
Carlo Parodi, chairman of the Casanova structure is passionate about his subject, and also plans to invest a the majority of time and money into additional research the the seductive Venetian"s life. Parodi said, "The museum is just the beginning. What we know around Casanova is only the pointer of the iceberg. Many of the info is still hidden beneath the surface."The Casanova Museum & Experience opened up on April 2, 2018, the 293rd anniversary of Casanova"s birthday. The sunlight was shining because that the inauguration ~ above April 6th, which had actually the blessing that Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice.
Garden in ~ Palazzo Pesaro Papafava - Photo: Cat Bauer
The museum pulses v sound and dramatic lighting. The is separated into six different rooms, v seven various categories -- "Gambling in Society" segues with a hall: Birth, Family, YouthTravels, Society, EuropeHis return to Venice, Prison, EscapeGambling in SocietyPoet and WriterCinemaEighteenth Century Fashion: The Bedroom
Casanova Museum & Experience
Casanova began his well known 3,700-page memoir and autobiography, Histoire de ma vie or Story of my Life by 1789, composed in French, at age 64 while that was functioning as a librarian to counting Joseph karl von Waldstein in the castle of Dux, Bohemia, currently the Czech Republic. The first complete and also authentic edition to be published in between 1960 and 1962. Prior to that, censored and also pirated version existed; wars gained in the way, and also the manuscript to be hidden.The memoir was originally titled The Story of my Life till the year 1797, but stopped abruptly in the middle of the year 1794. Today, the last four chapters are still missing, and also it is not well-known if Casanova didn"t complete it, or whether he ruined the chapters himself, or even if it is the pages were ruined by others, or even if it is they tho exist and are quiet hidden. In 2010, The Story of my Life was bought because that the French federal government for a record-breaking $9.6 million by an anonymous donor and is now at the national Library of France in Paris. It has been digitized, and also you can read it for free.Giacomo Casanova died on June 4, 1798 in ~ the castle of Dux. The whereabouts that his grave space unknown. Also though centuries have actually passed, the freedom and passion with which he live his life tho fascinates united state today. Thanks to his memoir, Casanova has left many of breadcrumbs the we deserve to follow.
"I will begin with this confession: whatever I have actually done in the food of mine life, even if it is it be great or evil, has been excellent freely; i am a free agent."

Go come the Casanova Museum & suffer for much more information.Ciao from Venezia,Cat BauerVenetian Cat - The Venice Blog
I will begin with this confession: every little thing I have actually done in the course of my life, whether it be good or evil, has been done freely; i am a complimentary agent.Read much more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/giacomo_casanova_316376
I will begin with this confession: whatever I have done in the food of my life, whether it be great or evil, has actually been done freely; i am a totally free agent.Read much more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/giacomo_casanova_316376
I will start with this confession: whatever I have done in the food of mine life, even if it is it be great or evil, has actually been excellent freely; i am a complimentary agent.Read an ext at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/giacomo_casanova_316376