If friend can"t it is in a pine on the top of the hill,Be a scrub in the valley — but beThe best tiny scrub by the next of the rill;Be a bush if friend can"t it is in a tree.If girlfriend can"t be a bush be a little bit of the grass,And some highway more joy make;If girlfriend can"t be a muskie then just be a base —But the liveliest bass in the lake!

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us can"t every be captains, we"ve got to it is in crew,There"s something for every one of us here,There"s big work to do, and also there"s lesser come do,And the job you need to do is the near.If you can"t it is in a highway then simply be a trail,If friend can"t it is in the sun be a star;It isn"t by dimension that you victory or friend fail —Be the finest of everything you are!

What"s precious doing in any type of case is precious doing well. A well articulated, nicely encapsulated item of city insightfully penned through conviction. A lover poem through beautiful happiness scheme. Thanks for sharing.

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