26 feet and longer watercrafts that have actually garbage dumping placard should be prominently posted and also the boats which are 40 feet and longer must have the composed waste monitoring plan.

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In stimulate to keep an car operating, the is vital to keep adding fuel as it is provided up. Define why this doesn\"t contrad


There is counter of power from one type to another and this justifies the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed yet can be convert from one kind to another.


The fuel added to car is a chemistry energy, which provides thermal power of the burning engine of the automobile, which is climate converted come mechanical power of the relocating parts the the automobile. Thus, over there is switch of power from one kind to another. This justifies the regulation of preservation of energy, which states that energy can neither be developed nor destroyed but can be converted from one kind to another.

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5.46 through supplying power at an median rate of 24,000 kJ/h, a warmth pump maintains the temperature of a dwelling in ~ 20°C. If elec
Illusion <34>


A) $18.36

B) $10.24


Heat offered Q = 24000 kJ/h

J/s = watt

I hour = 3600 sec, therefore 24000 kJ/hr becomes 24000/3600 = 6.67 kW

Coefficient of performance of heating for heat pump is

COP = T2/(T2 - T1)

T2 (hot temperature) = 20 °C

T1 (cold temperature) = -7 °C

COP = 20/(20 - (-7)) = 20/27 = 0.741

Also COP = Q/W

where W is the power input to the heat pump

0.741 = 6.67/W

W = 9 kW

Operating for sooner or later is 24 hr

Therefore heat pump provides 9 x 24 = 216 kWh

Cost per day = ¢8.5 x 216 = ¢1836 = $18.36

For ground in ~ 5°C

COP = 20/(20-5) = 20/15 = 1.33

1.33 = 6.67/W

W = 5.02 kW

For 24 hr it becomes 24 x 5.02 = 120.48 kWh

Cost = 8.5 x 120.48 = ¢1024.08 = $10.24

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A single fixed sheave is used to elevator a fill of 400N by the application of an effort of 480N in 10s through a vertical height of
Allushta <10>


(a) the velocity proportion of the maker (V.R) = 1

(b) The mechanical benefit of the maker (M.A) = 0.833

(c) The performance of the maker (E) = 83.3 %



load lifted through the pulley, together = 400 N

effort used in lifting the, E = 480 N

distance relocated by the effort, d = 5 m

(a) the velocity ratio of the an equipment (V.R);

since the effort applied moved downwards through a distance of d, the load will likewise move upwards with an equal street \"d\".

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V.R = distance moved by initiative / distance relocated by the load

V.R = 5/5 = 1

(b) The mechanical advantage of the maker (M.A);

M.A = L/E

M.A = 400 / 480

M.A = 0.833

(c) The efficiency of the maker (E);


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which statement best explains the factor that the middle part of the seatbelt is a far better thermal conductor 보다 the plastic par
Scilla <17>
Probably because it’s metal and metal is a far better thermal conductor
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A seasonal color readjust helps animals in the Taiga to
Len <333>


Evade predators


The taiga forest biome i beg your pardon is located in the subartic region bounded by the tundra and also the temperate forests in the North and also South respectively, extends across the continent of north America, Europe and Asia develops the most substantial land ecosystem of related plants and also animals top top Earth

In the taiga, the colors of the furs of part animals change with the season such that they are end up being obscured to potential predators in the taiga

Animals that space able to have actually a camouflage that enables them come evade predators include

1) Ermine transforms color indigenous dark brown cloak in the summer to white in the winter

2) Crossbill changes color native orange-brown in the summer come white in the winter

3) Snowshoe Hare alters color indigenous brown in the summer to white in the winter.

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