BATS are well-known for hanging out upside down, both when awake and also asleep. But why is this?

We price why, and your other burning bat-related queries.

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Bats roost, or perch, upside-down for numerous reasons.

Unlike birds, they can not launch their bodies into the wait from the ground because their wings don't produce enough elevator to take it off favor a helicopter.

A running begin would assist them, yet a bat’s hind legs room too tiny to gain enough speed because that lift-off.

This leaves bats v no choice but to use their claws to climb to a high spot, allow go and also fall into flight.

If sleeping bats should escape quickly, hanging upside-down method they are already in the perfect position to spread out their wings and also fly away.


The most usual bats in the UK room PipistrelleCredit: Alamy

Bats have one-way valves in their arteries which protect against blood from flow backwards.

This is why they are able to hang upside down v the blood rushing to your heads.

Hanging upside down is likewise a great way to hide native danger.

During the hours when many predators are energetic - particularly birds of prey - bats congregate in areas where couple of animals would think to look and most can't reach.

There's also tiny competition for these roosting spots, as other flying pets don't have the capacity to cave upside down.


all bats in the UK are defended under the Wildlife and Countryside plot 1981Credit: Alamy

Do bats constantly turn left when exiting a cave?

Unfortunately, the idea the bats always go left once exiting a cave is nothing an ext than an urban myth.

It has actually been observed that they have no preference and will turn ideal or fly straight ahead as often as they turn left.

What varieties of bat room there in the UK?

Britain is residence to 17 breeding varieties of bats, through Pipistrelle bats the most common.

Bats make up nearly a 4 minutes 1 of the country’s residents mammal species and are an important to ours ecosystem.

All bats in the UK are protected under the Wildlife and also Countryside action 1981.

The roughly 17 varieties known to be breeding in the UK are:

17. Whiskered bat

Pipistrelle bats room the smallest and also most usual bat in the UK, through tiny bodies, short hind legs and short vast ears.

They have actually dark, red-brown hair on your backs and also yellow-brown undersides, when the ears, nose and also wing membranes space a darker black-brown.

The Noctule bat is Britain’s biggest bat, however is still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Adults Noctules room a sleek chocolate brown color with broad brown ears and also a distinctive mushroom shaped tragus - inner next of the ear.


Bats don't always turn left when exiting a caveCredit: Alamy

What execute bats eat?

British bats generally feed top top insects, particularly those that are energetic at dusk and also during the night, follow to the royal Horticultural Society.

They munch on various other insects too - favor mosquitoes, midges and also other flies, mayflies, part beetles, caddis flies, lacewings and also other nocturnal insects.

Bats most catch and also eat their food ind mid-air, though no always, as sometimes they hang as much as eat larger bugs.

But but they eat, castle sure execute eat a lot.

A usual pipistrelle have the right to eat over 3,000 tiny insects in a single night, according to the Bat conservation Trust.



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Do bats hibernate?

Yes, bats hibernate, and most start from in between September and also November, and also continue until March.

Some might not even become totally active again until mid-May.

During hibernation your body temperatures and metabolic prices slow meaning they deserve to conserve your energy.

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Bats have tendency to hibernate in any nook or cranny castle can discover - caves, trees and old mine shafts.

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