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Aveyond: lord of Twilight Walkthrough & Cheats

Allow ours Aveyond: mr of Twilight Walkthrough to accompany you v this very first installment in the Orbs the Magic series. . Follow Mel, one intrepid thief, together she fights to loss the evil vampire that is ~ above the cusp of conquering the entire world. Use our thorough hints, tips, and customized screenshots either to help you the end of a chop spot or together a constant source that advice as you explore and quest v the vibrant people of Aveyond


General Tips

Getting Started

Main game Walkthrough: Quests

Side quests Walkthrough

Magical mirror Express (MME), Warp Eggs, and also Goodies

Cool Checklist to Track her Progress




Items and Weapons



Magical MirrorExpress (MME) and Warp Eggs:

AllowsMel (all party members) to teleport indigenous one MME place to one more MMElocation for a donation.The MMEhas come be activated (put switch bar in under position) in ~ the locationbefore teleporting to that ar from an additional location. This means Melhas to take trip by foot to the MME, placed the switchlever in the under position before she can teleport to the MME fromanother location. Need to you have actually the switch lever in the up place thatMME place is deactivated.

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Locations and Donations:

From Thais to: Harburg (50 gold), Gheledon (100 gold), Stormbend (200 gold)

From Gheledon to: Thais (100 gold)

From Harburg to: Thais (50 gold)

From Stormbend to: Thais (100 gold), Witchwood (200 gold), Moo Hatchery(300 gold).

You canalso usage Warp eggs purchased native Moo Hatchery ($500 ea.) come teleport tolocations.

1. Blue Warp Egg will teleport you come the dungeon entrance.

2. Blue Warp Egg will will teleport you to Moo Hatchery.

3. Blue Warp Egg will no teleport you. It enables you come escape a battle.

Goodie Caves(optional):

There are5 goodie caves located in this thing in wall surfaces at various locations.There space no visual clues on the outside of the wall surfaces that the cavern is inside.You have to locate lock by exploring and bumping Mel right into all the wallsand/or looking in ~ the maps at the finish of the walkthrough.Eachgoodie cave contains item and/or upgrades because that a specific element of thegame. Some of the items/upgrades can not beobtained in this chapter. There room blue chests in some caves that will certainly be accessible in gates of Night.Some ofthe items in goodie caves space exclusive and can no be found anywhere else in the game.

Goodie cave locations and type: see red asterisk on each locationmap.

1. Level Goodie cavern in zero Woods North:Can boost the level of party members come the preferably of 99.  

2. WeaponsGoodie cave inThialMountainsSouth: Contains the finest weapon because that each party member"s character.

3. GoldGoodieCave inBrightwoodForest: Contains600,000 yellow coins.

4. ArmorGoodie cavern inThialMountainsNorth: Contains the best armor because that each party member"s character.

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5. SpellGoodieCave in Stormbend: Stella have the right to learn all easily accessible spells.

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