When it concerns building a bridge, many type of determinants eventually identify the bridge price. Whether you are a Park and Recreation Project Manager, a Structural Engineer, or a service owner, this write-up will aid you to much better understand also some of the expenses of structure a bridge.

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Expected Costs of Building a Bridge

When it involves building a pedestrian bridge, many components eventually recognize the bridge price. The bridge product determines the price, dimension, intfinished use (i.e., only pedestrian or light automobile traffic), safety and security, labor required, and also area.

In basic, the average price of a 20 straight foot fiber-reinrequired polymer Truss Bridge is $10,000. Please note that is an average expense estimate. You will need to address the many architecture considerations to recognize the total cost. And once it concerns bridge price, the price is damaged down into cost per foot.

Here are some bridge style facets to save in mind once founding to identify the expense of structure a bridge.

Type of Material

Please be conscious that the kind of material selected will certainly substantially affect the bridge’s upfront and also permanent expense. The three widespread bridge products are wood, steel, and FRP.


Wood is usually the least expensive upfront price material. Unfortunately, a bridge constructed entirely of hardwood will certainly need constant maintenance. The architecture life may be as few as 25-50 years.


A steel bridge may last longer prior to it requirements restoring or restructure. Steel is solid and also durable, but incredibly heavy and also topic to corrosion. Depending on the bridge place, though, a steel bridge have the right to be more complicated to construct as it requires hefty devices during building and construction of the bridge. Access for heavy vehicles becomes a logistical obstacle specifically for remote trails, which creates a higher price.


An aluminum bridge is durable and also corrosion resistant. It is lighter than steel, however still requires heavy devices throughout building of the bridges. Aluminum have the right to be at risk to tiredness cracking. Aluminum’s shiny appearance is not commonly a preferable characteristic of a pedestrian bridge.

Fiber-reincompelled polymer (FRP)

An FRP bridge needs minimal maintenance and is light and resilient. FRP bridges might have a greater upfront cost; they will certainly cost the least amount in the long-term bereason they deserve to last much longer. Prior to requiring maintenance or replacement, an FRP bridge has actually a design life of 100 years.

Bridge Deauthorize (Size and Intended Use)

The kind of material schosen and also just how much is essential play a huge aspect in the price. Ultimately, the style constraints will dictate the configuration of the bridge.

Design constraints include:

How a lot distance will certainly must be spanned (i.e. the width of a river – Does the bridge have to assistance the middle of the river?)The bridge’s width will certainly be established by whether it demands to accommoday pedestrians or horses, golf carts, maintenance vehicles, etc.The option to bridge decking and handrails.

Bridge Safety

Bridges should be designed using National AASHTO Standards and also keep security factors component of the style. Sometimes this could lead to trade-offs, changing aesthetics choices for safety attributes essential.

Labor and also Equipment Costs

Understanding just how a lot labor is required to assemble the bridge can identify the budacquire amount compelled. Once labor costs are figured out, store in mind how you transfer the products to the bridge website and what assembling tools is necessary. A straightforward bridge design can mitigate the labor and also devices prices forced.

Associated Costs


While the above-contained indevelopment is associated via the actual cost of building a bridge, tbelow are various other costs to take into consideration.

Bridge Abutment Design

The support system for the ends of the bridge have to be designed and also set up.

Environpsychological Studies

Understanding the eco-friendly constraints will aid determine what else might be needed to incorporate in the bridge design. To finest understand also what is compelled, you may should conduct a geotechnological analysis or a flood research of the land.

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Bodies of Water

Building the bridge over a body of water will certainly play a factor in the style prices regardless of size.

Are you Ready to Repursuit a Quote?

When it involves structure a bridge, the bridge size, the product selected, security comes to, labor needs, and also various other linked prices will certainly eventually recognize the bridge cost. So if you’re all set to start your bridge project, contact us. The Areté Structures team will certainly occupational through you to assess your bridge needs and also administer you through a quote on your next bridge project!