In Hollywood, five years seems choose an eternity, especially for climbing stars. Zombieland: dual Tap co-stars Avan Jogia and also Zoey Deutch — who is Hollywood aristocracy thanks to parental Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch — date from 2012 to 2017 prior to "amicably" calling that quits, per E! News. The couple were seemingly lugged together by the now-defunct abc Family, according to Bustle.

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Jogia starred on Twisted while Deutch popped up on Switched at Birth. they sparked romantic rumors in ~ the 2012 Kids" selection Awards. The duo quickly came to be indie darlings through their respective films Before i Fall and Rebel in The Rye premiering in ~ the Sundance movie Festival the exact same year. However it seemed that fate had much more in save for these two. 

Deutch is finest known because that her functions in Flower, set It Up, Why Him?, and Buffaloed.

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 The Los Angeles native started acting in 2010 through stints on The Suite Life top top Deck, Ringer, and Switched at Birth before coming to be a beloved millennial red carpet regular. Canadian musician, screenwriter, and also actor Jogia very first appeared on display in 2006 before reaching tween stardom in 2010 on Victorious. He starred in Deutch"s family effort of The Year of Spectacular Men in 2017, with later on appearances in Now Apocalypse, The Stranger, The Artist"s Wife, and Resident Evil. 

So, what happened in between these two gorgeous, talented actors? save scrolling to uncover out!

Zoey Deutch and also Avan Jogia can seemingly separate company from pleasure

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It appears nothing large forever. Avan Jogia and also Zoey Deutch seemingly continued to be on decent terms after their separation in 2017, through both the them starring in Zombieland: twin Tap two year after calling the quits. Yet your careers plainly were heading in separate directions. 

Jogia formerly told Glamaholic the he wanted to keep his connection with Deutch private while balancing his desire come share on social media. "You operation the risk of questioning come pray an ext out the it, but it would also be a little bit strange to entirely ignore your significant other"s presence in public as well," Borgia reasoned. "If you don"t desire it to be a spectacle, don"t do it a spectacle." 

Deutch an in similar way keeps her love life under wraps post-Jogia. Per POPSUGAR, Deutch has actually been dating Dylan Hayes, son of The Conjuring producer Chad Hayes, because March 2017. Jogia has additionally seemingly moved on and his been in relationship through actor Cleopatra Coleman since September 2017. The duo even recreated Billy Bob Thornton and also Angelina Jolie"s then-couple look because that the Gone in 60 Seconds red carpet once Jogia attend the Zombieland: dual Tap premiere, follow to the Daily Mail.