Avan Jogia and also Victoria Justice have actually a long relationship history, however there"s an ext to it 보다 fans can expect.

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Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia Nickelodeon
"Victorious" was among Nickelodeon"s hitmakers, early in part to that talented cast.

Ariana Grande garnered the most attention because that celebrating the 10-year anniversary the "Victorious" recently, yet that doesn"t median the remainder of the actors doesn"t still remember your time on Nickelodeon fondly.

In fact, despite Ariana"s fame has probably viewed the best spike, Victoria justice is still affiliated in Hollywood, as space fellow actors members choose Avan Jogia, Daniella Monet, Liz Gillies, and others.

also though Tori and also Beck (their personalities on "Victorious") never ever quite gained together, fans still shipped the pair 100 percent. Even if it is in actual life or on set, everyone want Victoria and also Avan together.

regrettably for them, the only on-screen activity between Tori and also Beck was reduced from the last version of "Victorious" that fans saw. Yep, Victoria admitted to MTV that Dan Schneider, the show"s creator, opted to nix the scene.

as fans know, Beck and Jade (Liz Gillies) end up ago together top top the show. Though, Victoria and also Avan go reconnect together different personalities in the movie "The Outcasts."

So, what happened between Victoria Justice and also Avan Jogian in actual life?

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Fans have actually learned plenty of secrets behind the cast"s time ~ above "Victorious". Among those gift that plenty of of the stars had relationships that flew under the radar.


Prepare to it is in disappointed, though: if Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia did ever before date, castle didn"t admit it.

Instead, AmoMama claims, Victoria Justice dated a few different males while functioning on "Victorious." Namely, mock Hutcherson ("Hunger Games") and then Pierson Fode ("Naomi and also Ely"s No Kiss List"). Later, Victoria dated Reeve Carney from "Penny Dreadful."

Avan, for his part, dated Zoey Deutch through many of "Victorious," keeping the partnership under wraps for about five years.

As much as a relationship relationship, fans will need to keep pining after ~ that details ship in between Tori/Beck and Victoria/Avan.


after all, Avan Jogia"s remained in a committed relationship with Cleopatra Coleman (an actress) for a if now, and the pair show up as loved-up together a couple can get.

however Victoria has had this to say about working through Avan top top the set they did wind up together together on ("The Outcasts"), follow to MTV: "We"re super close and also it was yes, really cool to have the ability to share this experience."

over there fans have it: the pair are just really nearby friends who space occasionally compelled to re-publishing an on-screen smooch. It wasn"t awkward at all, according to Victoria, also though their characters had to literally make out in closets during filming.


their shared background helped make filming fun, and also the 2 don"t seem come have any type of regrets around their past or existing relationship.

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