The setup is generation 3, Pokemon Ruby, and also true to mine previous promise I made decision Torchic, the fire form Pokemon, as my starter.

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Torchic evolves intoCombusken in ~ level 16, which later evolves right into Blaziken at level 36.

Now, we all probably understand that you have the right to stop a Pokemon indigenous evolving by pushing B throughout the development stage. Why would anyone desire to execute this? Well, often pre-evolved Pokemon find out the same moves as their progressed forms, but at an previously level. Therefore if you don’t want to invest as much time training/leveling them up to obtain to a particular move, hold it earlier from evolving can attain this goal faster.

So here we space in my game, Combusken get level 36 and also starts come evolve right into Blaziken. Ns decide i’m in no rush to evolve it, why no let it find out some power moves an initial and then evolve it later, just before facing the upstream 4? I push B and also Combusken stop evolving. We chill because that a while, training, ns wait because that it to discover a greater damaging fire move. In ~ this suggest it’s still only using Ember as its fire move, i beg your pardon is miscellaneous Torchic learned in ~ level 10, and is in my opinion, a pretty simple fire move.

Finally in ~ level 39 – it desires to learn a brand-new move! … It wants to find out the relocate ‘Slash.’ What the heck? once is it going to find out a better fire relocate than Ember!? I turn to the web to check Combuskens learnset, to watch at what level I have the right to expect something better.

Did you know?

Combusken never learns any more fire move after Ember, i beg your pardon Torchic learned at level 10.

Combusken learnset – taken native

What!? just how is it possible that a level 39 starter fire Pokemon would certainly only recognize Ember together its fire attack!?

I inspect Blaziken’s learn set. Because that Blaziken, the next fire relocate after Ember is Blaze Kick. The is Blaziken’s signature move, physical type with 85 power and same form attack bonus. And also it is learned by Blaziken when IT EVOLVES at level 36.

This means that by holding ago my Combusken from evolving i missed discovering Blaze absent forever!

Now, luckily I’ve checked out that in later generations castle have readjusted the learnset so that no matter what level Blaziken evolves that will learn the move Flame kick at the moment of evolution. If ns had also bothered waiting/ training an ext Blaziken (and even Combusken) could still have actually learned skies Uppercut, i m sorry is a fighting form move with similar power and suits Blazikens kind (Fire/Fighting). In fact I finished up to teach it a stronger move than Ember from a TM, which acquired the project done, yet felt somewhat unsatisfying.

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My peak Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby guideline is this: if she going to hold earlier a Pokemon indigenous evolving, always check the learnset that the final type first, come make certain they don’t miss learning any kind of moves. Periodically a move is only learned by the last form.

Have you ever missed learning moves through holding ago your Pokemon from evolving? have you ever made any other development mistakes? Or felt favor you made decision the wrong relocate for her Pokemon come learn? I’d love to hear her stories. Comment below!

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