moment-g.comntinuing through our collection of most infamous music moment in the history of Saturday Night Live, we’re revisiting Ashlee Simpson’s brutal minute of lip-syncing panic.

Saturday Night Live, the now-imoment-g.comnic late-night live television sketch moment-g.commedy and variety show, has been running prolifically every week because launching in 1975. Having actually triumphed some of the many legendary moment-g.commedians end the years, SNL has had actually a long tradition of welmoment-g.comming a wide variety of eclectic musical artists to may be the most high-profile stage in television.

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Each episode features a musical guest, in the form of a solo action or a band, that will then carry out two or three tracks after being presented by the hold of the show. Make no mistake around it, gift booked to carry out on SNL can make or break a musician.

It is safe to say, Simpson’s appearance drops into the category of world who experienced the job moment-g.comllapse on the biggest stage the end there.

In 2004, as soon as booked to execute two songs on the show, Simpson ran v a rendition the her single ‘Pieces the Me’ without a hitch. However, once the pop star went back to the phase to run through the title monitor of her debut album, Autobiography, things took a turn for the worst. If the band began to pat the song, the vocals for the very first track began to play and Simpson paused in horror. The lip-syncing plot had moment-g.comllapsed.

Clearly panicking, Simpson looked around at the band through the microphone organized by her side v the vocals beating the end unnervingly loud. ~ pulling turn off a series of improvised dance moves, she walks turn off stage and producers cut the performance and head come a moment-g.commmercial.

Returning in ~ the end of the display alongside organize Jude Law, Simpson passed turn off blame onto she band: “I feeling so bad,” she claimed to the camera. “My band started playing the wrong song, and I didn’t recognize what to do, for this reason I assumed I’d do a hoedown. Ns sorry. It’s live TV. Things happen. Ns sorry.”

However, in the days the followed, Simpson was quoted through MTV together claiming to have lost her voice since of mountain reflux and, under physicians orders, was ordered to use a backup track: “It’s so embarrassing because it sucks,” she said. “The total situation was a bummer. I made a moment-g.commplete stupid of myself.”

With the media furore no slowing down, the singer then required to her main website to admit to lip-syncing: “I can’t cancel something like SNL,” Simpson reportedly wrote: “You and also I understand that even if i synched on that or not, I’d still gain seen by millions, maybe also make a couple of more fans.

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“I’ll hold my head high and also say i think it was silly of me to perform it, silly of me come blame the band, ns was simply so fucking embarrassed. But I nothing think that did me lot harm, and also people will see that soon.”

Years later Simpson was able to relocate on indigenous the occurrence and, while gift interviewed by E, she said: “It’s certainly not an overwhelming to speak about. The was a very long time ago. That something that occurred to me and also things in life happen, and also they make you stronger. They do you a better performer and also a better person. Ns think things choose that develop your character and your strength, and also it’s how you manage them

She added: “I was a teen, an angsty girl on my show ago in the day and now ns a woman and a mother. I want human being to recognize where i’m at and who ns am in my life.”

See the clip below… if you can regulate to clock it all.



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