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Kip Moore make it to No. 1 on Billboard’s nation songs chart and also decided he preferred it therefore much, he stayed there a 2nd week. His single, “Somethin’ ’Bout a Truck,” went yellow by selling 500,000 download even prior to the recent release the his Up every Night album. And also the song’s video has received an ext than 7 million see online.

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Kip claims he feels like Rocky Balboa. Yet instead that saying, “Yo, Adrian,” he says, “Yo, Brett. We did it!”

Brett James is Kip’s record producer and co-writer. According to the universal Music group promotions team, radio stations actually referred to as their office to view if this song reached the valuable No. 1 plateau. Radio, you did it, dad-gum it!

Kip make a guest appearance v Tim McGraw in new York City during the Memorial work weekend. He’ll carry out “Somethin’ ’Bout a Truck” ~ above the 2012 moment-g.com Music Awards on Wednesday (June 6) at 8 p.m. ET on moment-g.com and moment-g.com.

And simply this past Friday (June 1), Eric Church announced even “Moore” news as soon as he evidenced Kip and Justin Moore (no relation) have been added to his Blood, Sweat & Beers tour.

Country superstar Share Their big BucksAccording come Forbes magazine, country music’s height moneymaker because that the previous year is Taylor Swift in ~ $57 million. Comes in second is hard-hitting Toby Keith, almost catching Taylor through $55 million. 3rd is Kenny Chesney, who is constantly in the running because he functions hard. He earned an estimated $44 million during the previous year. And Brad Paisley, who some civilization say I tend to favor, made $32 million.

I am proud that these four moneymakers. Granted, they make a the majority of cash, but they’re generosity in giving a many it away to those that need and also deserve help.

Taylor is the best donor ever before for the country Music hall of Fame and also Museum. It appears like providing makes Taylor happy. Her $4 million pledge to the museum is pure love.

Toby’s friend’s daughter passed away of cancer as soon as she to be 3 year old. Toby’s yearly benefit in Oklahoma is since of that little girl he knew and also loved. He’s aided that family and also hundreds of other sick youngsters ever due to the fact that that boy went to heaven.

His many recent dinner, auction and also golf competition in Oklahoma City increased $664,000 to help build the OK youngsters Korral, which will give families a place to continue to be when kids are admitted come the Oklahoma college Medical facility Children’s Hospital and other adjacent facilities.

As for Kenny and also Brad, they just don’t know how not come give. Those boys are always helping somebody who needs and deserves help. Is that a band member? Neighbor? Family? It might be everyone who’s in need. Why? due to the fact that they care.

Big device Label team Has Plenty come CelebrateBig maker Label group chief Scott Borchetta has took pleasure in a the majority of success with Taylor Swift, but he finally got a hit-making solo male superstar once he recently signed Tim McGraw.

Scott, a significant NASCAR enthusiast, likewise had a helluva Memorial day weekend as big Machine documents earned its second consecutive Indianapolis championship when driver Dario Franchitti raced right into victory lane for the third time in his career. Huge Machine sponsored Franchitti. The win comes after the firm sponsored the late Dan Wheldon’s winning automobile at the gyeongju in 2011. (He died in a 15-car accident at the las Vegas engine Speedway in October 2011.)

Big Machine/Republic Nashville record artist Martina McBride kicked off the race by performing the national anthem in prior of a group of nearly 350,000 spectators. She payment tribute come the late driver and his family by put on a Dan Wheldon championship ring on her ideal hand throughout her performance.

Even past the huge Machine sponsorship, Franchitti has actually a solid country music connection. He’s married come actress Ashley Judd, Naomi Judd’s daughter and Wynonna’s sister, who was top top hand to assistance hubby. Dario is a mighty man.

Zac Brown Band get UncagedZac Brown states the Zac Brown tape is set to relax their new album, Uncaged, on July 10. Zac states the job is the culmination that the an effective chemistry that’s emerged by living, traveling and working as a band. He had a hand in creating all 11 song on the album.

Describing the project, that says, “We’re constantly trying to press our musicianship, and I’m proud come say there’s a small bit the something because that everyone.”

Remembering Doc WatsonLike everyone around this human being who loves acoustic music, I, too, was saddened through the happen of the an excellent Doc Watson. A musician’s musician, Doc passed away Tuesday (May 29) at period 89 in Winston-Salem, N.C.

I recall sitting in the shade at Brown ar Jamboree in bean Blossom, Ind., talking v Doc about music and God. He was blind, yet he could see an ext than most.

Addition come the McCoury ClanRob and Lisa McCoury room parents of children with musical names. Daughter Monroe is 9 and son Del is 5. Rob, of course, is Del McCoury’s son who plays banjo in the Del McCoury Band.

Rob and Lisa’s newest addition, baby Vassar, to be born Tuesday (May 29) and also named after ~ the so late Vassar Clements, a understand fiddler if there ever was one.

Diana DeGarmo EngagedIn January, Diana DeGarmo revealed she remained in a connection with season 5 American Idol contestant and also former Hair co-star Ace Young. Top top the might 23 finale for season 11 of Idol, Young revealed the he and also DeGarmo room living together and also then surprised her with a marital relationship proposal — which she accepted.

Diana took component in the third season of Idol in 2004, finishing second behind Fantasia Barrino. She was only 16 at the time she competed.

She to be signed come RCA Records/19 Recordings quickly after the Idol finale and also released her debut album in 2004. She sang “Reaching for Heaven” in the soundtrack for the Disney movie, ice cream Princess. RCA released she from she recording contract in June 2005, yet later that year, she received the Horizon Award at the Georgia Music hall of call ceremony. The award recognizes Georgia artists on the pathway to effective and prolonged careers.

Diana made her significant stage debut together Maria in 2005 in a manufacturing of West side Story in mountain Jose, Calif. She later showed up in the brand-new York productions that Hairspray and also Brooklyn: The Musical.

She started recording a pop/R&B album in 2007 but backed the end of the project and also returned to her nation roots. After being a cast member top top moment-g.com’s Gone country in 2007, she went back to Nashville and signed to man Rich’s manufacturing company. She taped a country demo with Rich in 2008. In at an early stage 2009 she released an acoustic EP, Unplugged in Nashville, containing four songs she co-wrote.

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Diana’s involvement in music theater has taken she away from Nashville since 2009, consisting of stints in back to Bacharach and also David (featuring the songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David), Joseph and also the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the off-Broadway musical, The toxic Avenger. She went back to Broadway starring as Shelia in Hair. It to be Hair — not American Idol — that introduced her come Ace.

I met Diana as soon as she concerned my kitchen in 2010 because that some country cooking and also to talk around her function of Doralee Rhodes in the national tour of 9 come 5. (Dolly Parton played the character in the fight film.)

In October 2012, Diana joined the cast of TV’s The Young and the Restless in the duty of Angeline, the daughter of residents mobster Angelo. The critical time i heard native Diana was through her manager when she simply this year played the function of Dora Hand in the Val Kilmer film, Wyatt Earp’s Revenge.

I do believe this brings us up to may 23 ~ above American Idol. Before Phillip Phillips was claimed this season’s winner, hold Ryan Seacrest called the pair to the stage. The lights to be dimmed once Young said, “This has always been home to us, and also I felt the this would certainly be the perfect location to ask a basic question.”

He got down top top one knee and continued, “We have conquered Broadway together. Us have created our new music together. We have actually an amazing group of people roughly us. … are you ready? ns love you to death. You’re my finest friend. I want to do this critical forever, and also I will perform anything in my strength to have the many … impressive life together if you will have me. Diana Nicole DeGarmo, will certainly you get married me?”