All particle plants have this and use seeds to reproduce
vascular tissue
This is the young tree that establishes from a fertilized egg.

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The main role of pipeline is to lug out the food-making process ofphotosynthesis
a seeds plant that produces nude seedsgymnosperm
Two features of angiosperms space that they create flowers andfruits
the masculine reproductive structure in a flowerstamen
a tree hormone that accelerates the rate at i beg your pardon a plant's cell grow.auxin
Water moves through the tree throughxylem
food moves v the tree throughphloem
plants that develop these deserve to live in dried environments.seeds
parts that a seedembryo, seeds coat, cotelydon, embryo, save food
Gases pass in and out of a leaf v thestomata
What component of a woody stem produces brand-new vascular tissue?cambium
The reproductive frameworks of a gymnosperm space calledcones
the transport of pollen from male to woman reproductive structurespollination
A flower's woman reproductive parts are calledpistils
What part of a flower i do not care fruit?ovary
Which aspect helps girlfriend tell the difference between a monocot and also a dicot?number of particle leaves
Angiosperms the live for much more than two years space calledperrenials
The vascular tissue through which food move in a tree is calledphloem
Water and also nutrients enter a plant's roots and move v the ____________________ into the stems and also leaves.xylem
In some plants, food is stored within seed leaves referred to as ____________________.cotelydons
The procedure by i beg your pardon water evaporates native a plant's leaves is known as ____________________.transpiration
Cycads and gnetophytes belong come the team of seed plants well-known as ____________________.gymnosperms
All gymnosperms have ____________________, and most also have needlelike or scalelike leaves and also deep-growing root systems.naked seeds
The masculine cones the a gymnosperm produce ____________________.pollen
Two features of angiosperms space that they produce flowers and ____________________.fruit
In one angiosperm, seeds construct in a protective structure called the ____________________.ovary
Together, the anther and the filament make up the ____________________ of a flower.stamen
A flower is pollinated when a pollen grain drops on the ____________________ at the pointer of a pistil.stigma
As the seeds of an angiosperm develop, the ovary transforms into a(n) ____________________.fruit
Angiosperms that have seeds v two seed pipeline are referred to as ____________________.dicots
A plant's growth response toward or far from a stimulus is called a(n) ____________________.tropism
Plants create a range of chemicals dubbed ____________________, which impact how plants grow and also develop.

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The hormone ____________________ accelerates the price at which a plant's cell grow.auxin