Hello - thanks for composing in. This is a good question however I’m afraid it’s obtained a complicated answer: grammatically, additionally can be put in lots of various places in a sentence, but changing its location will also change the an interpretation and emphasis of the sentence.

First of all, let’s comment on the role of additionally – what does the do? Well, the helps united state to join two principles together. It has the same meaning as"too" or "as well". As much as the put of additionally is moment-g.comncerned, have a look at these instance sentences which space all grammatically moment-g.comrrect:Also, i think the you must moment-g.comnsider quitting her job.I also think that you need to moment-g.comnsider quitting your job.I think the you also should moment-g.comnsider quitting her job.I think the you must also moment-g.comnsider quitting your job.I think the you must moment-g.comnsider also quitting your job.I think the you should moment-g.comnsider quitting your job also.That’s right, it deserve to go in many places! together I said before, an altering the position transforms the emphasis and an interpretation of the sentence. As it is one adverb, it’s more than likely most moment-g.commmonly used next to a verb, but as you have actually heard, this isn’t resolved if you particularly want to anxiety another component of the sentence. Basically, girlfriend put additionally next to or together close as possible to words that you are highlighting.Another important thing to note is that the use of moment-g.commmas (when written) or pauses (when spoken) can again readjust the definition of the sentence. Moment-g.commpare these:a) I additionally think that it is an extremely expensive.b) I, also, think that it is an extremely expensive.Which one of these indicates that the speak has already told friend something rather they think? The price is (a) I likewise think the it is an extremely expensive. Sentence (b) I, also, think the it is really expensive suggests that someone rather has already expressed this opinion.Basically you have to remember the we usage "also" to include information come something us have currently said and also you require to ar it in the sentence beside the point or idea the you space adding. I hope this renders it clear!

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