There are countless different ways to select a cell in Excel – together as utilizing the computer mouse or the keyboard (or a mix of both).

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In this article, ns would present you how to select multiple cells in Excel. These cells can all be with each other (contiguous) or separated (non-contiguous)

While this is rather simple, I’m sure you’ll choose up a couple of new tricks to help you rate up your work and also be more efficient.

So let’s acquire started!

This indict Covers:

select Rows/Columns

Select Multiple cells (that room all contiguous)

If friend know just how to pick one cabinet in Excel, I’m certain you likewise know just how to pick multiple cells.

But let me quiet cover this anyway.

Suppose you want to pick cells A1:D10.

Below room the steps to do this:

location the cursor on cell A1 choose cell A1 (by making use of the left mouse button). Keep the mouse button pressed. Drag the cursor till cell D10 (so that it covers every the cells between A1 and also D10) leave the mouse button


Easy-peasy, right?

Now let’s check out some an ext cases.

Select Rows/Columns

A most times, you will be forced to select an entire row or tower (or also multiple rows or columns). These could be come hide or delete these rows/columns, move it around in the worksheet, highlight it, etc.

Just choose you can pick a cabinet in Excel by put the cursor and also clicking the mouse, friend can also select a heat or a pillar by simply clicking on the heat number or column alphabet.

Let’s go through each of this cases.

Select a solitary Row/Column

Here is exactly how you have the right to select an entire row in Excel:

bring the cursor over the row variety of the heat that you desire to select
usage the left mouse-click to select the entire row

When you choose the whole row, you will see that the shade of that an option changes (it becomes a little bit darker as compared to the rest of the cabinet in the worksheet).

Just choose we have selected a row in Excel, girlfriend can additionally select a tower (where instead of clicking on the heat number, you have to click the pillar alphabet, which is at the peak of the column).

Select multiple Rows/Columns

Now, what if you don’t want to pick just one row.

What if you want to pick multiple rows?

For example, let’s say the you want to choose row number 2, 3, and also 4 in ~ the same time.

Here is how to carry out that:

place the cursor over row number 2 in the worksheet press the mouse left switch while her cursor is on row number 2 (keep the mouse button pressed) save the computer mouse left-button tho pressed and drag the cursor down till row 4 leave the mouse switch


You’ll view that this would choose three adjacent rows the you spanned through your mouse.

Just favor we have actually selected three nearby rows, you have the right to follow the same procedures to pick multiple columns together well.

Select many Non-Adjacent Rows/Columns

What if you want to pick multiple rows, but these are not-adjacent.

For example, you might want to select row numbers 2, 4, 7.

In such a case you cannot use the computer mouse drag an approach covered above because that would select all the rows in between.

To execute this, friend will have to use a mix of keyboard and also mouse.

Here is exactly how to pick non-adjacent many rows in Excel:

location the cursor over heat number 2 in the worksheet host the Control crucial on your key-board Press the mouse left button while her cursor is on row number 2 leaving the mouse switch Place the cursor over the following row you want to select (row 4 in this case), hold the Control crucial on your keyboard Press the mouse left button while her cursor is on row number 4. Once row 4 is additionally selected, leave the mouse switch Repeat the very same to choose row 7 also Leave the Control crucial


The over steps would choose multiple non-adjacent rows in the worksheet.

You have the right to use the same technique to choose multiple non-adjacent columns.

Select all the cell in the current Table/Data

Most of the time, when you have actually to select multiple cells in Excel, these would be the cell in a specific table or a dataset.

You can do this by utilizing a an easy keyboard shortcut.

Below space the actions to select all the cell in the current table:

Select any cell in ~ the data set
host the Ctrl key and then push the A key

The above steps would choose all the cell in the data collection (where Excel considers this data collection to prolong until it encounters a blank row or column).

As shortly as Excel encounters a empty row or empty column, that would take into consideration this as the end of the data collection (so anything beyond the blank row/column will not it is in selected)

Select every the cells in the Worksheet

Another typical task the is often done is to choose all the cells in the worksheet.

I frequently work with data download from different databases, and often this data is formatted in a specific way. And my very first step as shortly as I obtain this data is to pick all the cells and remove all the formatting.

Here is how you can pick all the cells in the active worksheet:

choose the worksheet in which you desire to select all the cells click on the tiny inverted triangle in ~ the top left component of the worksheet

This would certainly instantly pick all the cell in the whole worksheet (note the this would certainly not select any kind of object such as a graph or shape in the worksheet).

And if you are a keyboard shortcut aficionado, you deserve to use the below shortcut:

Control + A + A (hold the control crucial and press the A vital twice) If you have selected a blank cell that does not have any type of data roughly it, you don’t should press the A key twice (just use Control-A).

Select many Non-Contiguous Cells

The much more you occupational with Excel, the an ext you would have actually a need to pick multiple non-contiguous cell (such together A2, A4, A7, etc.)

Below i have an instance where I only want to choose the documents for the US. And also since these are not nearby to each other, ns somehow need to number out just how to choose all these multiple cells at the very same time.


Again, you have the right to do this quickly using a mix of keyboard and also mouse.

Below space the procedures to do this:

host the Control an essential on the key-board One through one, choose all the non-contiguous cells (or range of cells) the you desire to stay selected as soon as done, leave the Control key


The above an approach also works as soon as you desire to select non-contiguous rows or columns. You have the right to simply host the Control vital and choose the non-adjacent rows/columns.

Select Cells making use of Name Box

So far we have seen instances where we might manually select the cells due to the fact that they to be close by.

But in some cases, girlfriend may have actually to pick multiple cells or rows/columns that are much off in the worksheet.

Of course, you deserve to do that manually, but you’ll soon realize that it’s time-consuming and error-prone.

If it’s miscellaneous you have to do quite frequently (that is, pick the same cells or rows/columns), you can use the Name crate to execute it a many faster.

Name box is the tiny field the you have on the left the the formula bar in Excel.


When you type a cell referral (or a range reference) in the surname box, the selects every the mentioned cells.

For example, let’s say I desire to pick cell A1, K3, and also M20

Since these space quite far off, if I try and pick these making use of the mouse, i would have to scroll a little bit.

This may be justified if friend only have to do it once in a while, however in situation you have to say select the very same cells often, you can use the name box instead.

Below space the steps to choose multiple cells utilizing the surname box:

click on the name box enter the cell referrals that you want to select (separated by comma)
fight the enter crucial

The above steps would certainly instantly select all the cells that you have gotten in in the name box.

Of these selected cells, one would certainly be the active cell (and the cell referral of the energetic cell would currently be clearly shows in the name box).

Select a called Range

If girlfriend have produced a named range in Excel, girlfriend can likewise use the Name crate to refer to the whole named selection (instead of using the cell referrals as shown in the technique above)

If you don’t recognize what a Named selection is, it’s once you assign a surname to a cabinet or a selection of cells and then usage the name instead of the cell reference in formulas.

Below room the procedures to quickly develop a Named range in Excel:

choose the cells the you desire to be had in the Named selection Click on the Name box (which is the field adjacent to the formula bar) go into the name that you want to assign to the selected selection of cell (you can’t have actually spaces in the name)
fight the Enter key

The above steps would produce a Named variety for the cells that you selected.

Now, if you want to quickly choose these exact same cells, rather of doing the manually you deserve to simply walk to the surname box and also enter the name of the named range (or click on the dropdown icon and select the name from there)


This would certainly instantly pick all the cells that are component of that called Range.

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So, this are some of the approaches that you have the right to use come select multiple cells in Excel.