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answer:yexplanation:in theatre, a dramatic performance on stage is dubbed a "play." the last letter the this four-letter native is "y." a pat usually consists of conversation or singing between characters. Return plays space meant to it is in performed on stage, they can likewise be review in the same means a novel would be. In this case, the written message still receives the name of "play."">” data-test=”answer-box-list”>

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to do onstage techniques to carry out live in former of the audience together opposed to being taped or filmed.

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in theatre, a dramatic performance on stage is referred to as a “play.” the critical letter that this four-letter indigenous is “y.” a play usually consists of dialogue or singing between characters. Return plays are meant to it is in performed top top stage, they can additionally be review in the same means a novel would certainly be. In this case, the written text still receive the surname of “play.”

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