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chemical compound, any substance created of identical molecules consists of atoms of 2 or more chemical elements.

All the issue in the cosmos is created of the atoms of more than 100 various chemical elements, which are found both in pure kind and combined in chemistry compounds. A sample of any type of given pure facet is composed just of the atoms characteristic of the element, and the atoms of each element are unique. For example, the atoms the constitute carbon are various from those that consist of iron, which room in turn different from those of gold. Every element is designated by a distinct symbol consists of one, two, or three letters occurring from one of two people the current facet name or its initial (often Latin) name. Because that example, the signs for carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are just C, H, and also O, respectively. The symbol for iron is Fe, native its initial Latin name ferrum. The fundamental principle of the scientific research of chemistry is the the atoms of different elements can integrate with one another to kind chemical compounds. Methane, because that example, which is formed from the aspects carbon and hydrogen in the ratio 4 hydrogen atoms for each carbon atom, is known to contain unique CH4 molecules. The formula of a compound—such as CH4—indicates the varieties of atom present, through subscripts representing the family member numbers of atom (although the character 1 is never written).

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A water molecule is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. A single oxygen atom contains six electron in its external shell, which have the right to hold a total of eight electrons. When two hydrogen atoms space bound to an oxygen atom, the external electron shell of oxygen is filled.