- five thousandsequals how numerous hundreds? There's most likely a fewways we can take this on, but maybe let's begin by thinking about these 5 thousands. Five thousands is 1,000, 5 times. Therefore let's think abouteach that those thousands, each of those 5 thousands. In 1,000, how many hundreds room in 1,000? 1,000 amounts to how countless hundreds? well let's see, let's count by hundreds until we acquire to 1,000, and I'll keep a small tally note so we deserve to keep count of howmany hundreds the takes united state to acquire to 1,000. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1,000. For this reason it take it 10 hundreds, to gain to 1,000. For this reason 1,000 is 10 hundreds. So what would 5,000 be? 5,000 is five times as numerous thousands. For this reason we're also gonna havefive times as many hundreds. So five thousands will certainly equal 5 times 10 hundreds, since we have actually 5,000 this time, so us have 5 times 10 hundreds, or five times 10. Five times 10 is 50. For this reason 5,000 equals 50 hundreds. Another way we might thinkabout this is ar value, so let's do that. Let's look in ~ a ar value chart. Here we have a location value chart and also if us fill in five under thousands we can see that we havethree north spaces. We have no hundreds, no tens and no ones, therefore we need to fill those in through zeros, or 5,000. Again, it's 5,000. Writing the word thousandsessentially replaced those 3 zeros. Five thousands is the exact same as five with 3 zeros behind it, and now we want to changethese five thousands to it is in hundreds. Well once we check out this location value chart, when we check out five, once we stopped here, 5 is the critical number us read and then we read the placevalue above it, thousands. So because that hundreds we'll carry out the same thing up till the hundreds. We'll read the place value chart until the place value us want and then the ar value. So 5 thousands isthe exact same as 50 hundreds. Five thousands is same to 50 hundreds, and we don't have to includethese critical zeros top top the finish because just like thousandsimplied three zeros, hundreds, by saying hundreds we've basically impliedthat these zeros are there. So five thousands is same to 50 hundreds. Us weren't asked about tens however we could look hereand figure it out, i bet. 10s I would certainly say, is 500 10s. We'd read up through thetens and then the 10s place because 10s have one zero after ~ them. The zero is implied as soon as you to speak 10, and also then finally, if wewent all the means to the end, we could also say that thisnumber is equal to 5,000 ones. So any of those, five thousands, 50 hundreds, 500 10s or5,000 ones, room equivalent. They're all same to every other, yet the one us wereasked around was hundreds. So 5 thousands equal 50 hundreds. Here's one more one. 30 tens equals how countless hundreds? therefore this time we're lookingat tens and hundreds. For this reason let's think around howtens and hundreds relate. How plenty of tens space in 100? How numerous tens room in 100 andwe might write one hundred, the word or the number in 100. Well to figure that outif we don't understand already, we have the right to count tens. We can count by 10s and seehow numerous 10s it takes united state to obtain to a hundred. One ten is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. So we gained to a hundredand the took us 10 tens. There space 10 tens in 100. For this reason if there's 10 tens in 100 how countless hundreds room in 30 tens? fine to get from 10 tens to 30 tens, that's three times as many tens, for this reason we'll additionally have threetimes as numerous hundreds, or 3 hundreds. 30 10s is 3 sets of 10 tens. 10 tens are a hundred. So another means to think of the is 30 10s is three sets that hundreds,or three hundreds. We could also think aboutthis in terms of location value. Right here we have this tens and we know that 10s canbe stood for by a zero. So rather of 30 10s, wecould simply write a 30 with a zero top top the end,that zero for tens, and also then end here, equalto, we have actually hundreds and hundreds can berepresented by two zeros. So to make these equivalent, what number will certainly needto fill in this spot? and also the prize again, is a threelike we already saw increase top. For this reason 30 10s is equal to three hundreds.

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Regrouping numbers into various ar values
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Regrouping numbers right into various location values
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