Want to recognize all around the points to watch for when proofreading? Well, it’s her lucky day.

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We havecreated a perform of 100+ points that every proofreader and also editor must check forin any type of document.

A goodproofreader looks because that a number of errors and mistakes in a record to ensurethat that is perfect. Every proofreader has actually a different way to walk aboutproofreading. Some shot to spot every little thing while they check out the text, whileothers like to emphasis on one thing at a time once reading the text.

Someproofreaders like to testimonial a tough copy the the text, while others feel more comfortablereviewing a soft copy. Exactly how you choose to job-related doesn’t really matter as long as youare getting great results. At the finish of the day, you should be able to have adocument the is cost-free of all kinds that errors and also mistakes.

To aid you, we have developed a list of things to look at for as soon as proofreading. This list is not just handy for proofreaders but likewise writers who want to enhance their creating skills. Make certain that friend proofread every component of the text, nevertheless of that nature and importance. The document should it is in flawless as soon as you room done.

We havecreated category to make it easy for you come follow.

Let’s obtain started.


Spelling & Grammar

Spelling and also grammar errors are the an initial things the one should look for as soon as proofreading. Right here is a considerable list of things that come under proofreading because that spelling and also grammatical errors.

1. Appropriate Nouns need to be Capitalized

We frequently tend to do the failure of not capitalizing suitable nouns as soon as we are writing. Appropriate nouns must be capitalized every time in the document.

For example,the name of a human being or place must always be capitalized. Similarly, the nameof the days and also the name of the organization must be capitalized. Merely put,anything the doesn’t fall under the category of a typical noun must becapitalized.

2. Capitalization that the an initial Word the the Sentence

The very first wordof every sentence, regardless of what the is, must constantly be capitalized. Whilemost the us recognize this rule, we have tendency to make this error when we room writing.When proofreading, you must inspect the an initial word of each sentence and ensurethat the is capitalized.

3. Active/Passive Voice

It is alwaysadvised to use energetic voice as lot as possible. If the writer is using passivevoice come a good extent, it just makes the text daunting to read andunnecessarily long. Convert passive to energetic voice whereby you deem fit.

4. Right Tense Usage

The next thingthat you have to look for when proofreading is the intake of the right tense. Ifthe writer is talking around something in the past tense, you have to make surethat the it s too dirty is consistent. The not correct tense is among the most common errorsthat authors make.

It is theresponsibility that the proofreader to ensure that no together error exists once thetext is published.

5. Homophones and also Homonyms

Homonyms arethe words that sound alike however have a various meaning. Lock may have actually the sameor different spelling. Homophones, ~ above the various other hand, have the very same sound butdifferent spelling. They also have a various meaning.

It is veryimportant for a proofreader to critically research the message for mistakes in theuse of homonyms and homophones. Writers tend to do these mistakes when theyare writing. Friend should inspect for any of this errors as soon as proofreading toensure the the text is totally free of every these mistakes.



Pear (a fruit)

Pair (a couple)

Fair (something reasonable)

Fair (a irradiate complexion)


Pear (a fruit)

Pair (a couple)

Cent (money)

Scent (fragrance)

6. Every Parenthetical Commas space Closed

Similarly, if the writer is making use of parenthetical commas to explain something, then it must be closed. Parenthetical commas enclose the part of a sentence that have the right to be gotten rid of without transforming the definition of the sentence.

For example, Shakespeare’slongest play, Hamlet, is additionally his most well-known play.

7. All Brackets are Closed

When friend starta clip in writing, girlfriend must likewise close it. As soon as proofreading, you must checkif the writer has closed all the brackets.

8. Hyphens in the link Nouns finishing in ‘ly’

When you forma link noun utilizing an adverb that ends in ‘ly’, then it need to not behyphenated. For example, you need to write smartlydressed and also not smartly-dressed.Similarly, it is largely irrelevantnot largely-irrelevant.

Whenproofreading, you have to look for these hyphen errors in the text.

9. Hyphenation of compound Nouns

A compoundnoun is do by combining two or more words. Because that example, tooth and paste aretwo distinctive words on their own. However, they form a new noun as soon as combined,i.e., toothpaste.

Some the thesecompound nouns have to use a hyphen between the two words. Because that example, son-in-law,dry-cleaning, well-being, etc. As soon as proofreading, friend must check if the writerhas had a hyphen in these link nouns or not.

10. Wrong use of Articles

We regularly usethe wrong write-ups in our sentences. When proofreading, girlfriend must inspect if thewriter has actually used the ideal articles. This is the simple rule of using articles:

‘a’ and ‘an’are used with singular count nouns.

‘the’ is usedfor a noun when you desire to make it specific.

There are many exceptions come this dominance that girlfriend should also take right into account once proofreading.


11. Mistakes once Using Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Many writersmake the wrong of using the not correct plural kind in countable and also uncountablenouns.

Countablenouns, as their name suggest, deserve to be counted. They have actually both singular andplural forms. Castle can likewise be came before by ‘a’or ‘an’. For example, a cat or cats,a man or men, etc.

Uncountablenouns, on the various other hand, cannot be counted. They typically don’t have a pluralform and you can’t use ‘a’ or ‘an’ v them. Because that example, rain, gold,wine, wood, flour, etc.

Whenproofreading, girlfriend must check for these little errors.

12. Absent or redundant Articles

You shouldalso inspect for missing and redundant posts in the text when proofreading.

If you findany circumstances where an post is missing, include it. For example, ‘He is great boy’ need to be ‘He is agood boy’.

Manynon-native English language individuals make the failure of using redundant articlesin your sentences. You should also look the end for them. For example, it is ‘to acquire hold of’ not ‘to obtain thehold of’. Similarly, we use ‘losesight of’, no ‘lose the sight of’.

13. Wrong use of Exclamation Marks

Whenproofreading, you must likewise check if the writer has used exclamationmarks correctly. Exclamation point out are provided to express astonishment,surprise or any type of other strong emotion. Because that example, ‘I’m excited!’ conveys astronger emotion than ‘I’m excited.’

Multiplequestion clues are also used to emphasize excitement. That is used in informalwriting and also it is it s okay to usage it as lengthy as that is not overdone. For example,‘No!!! This isn’t how it’s done.’

Exclamationmarks should likewise be inside quotation point out when used in a quote. For example,‘I love pizza!’ woman said.

14. Lacking Question Marks

Is the writerasking a question in the text?

If yes, thenit must finish with a inquiry mark. Rhetorical questions, top top the other hand, canend with a question mark, a duration or one exclamation mark.

For example:

‘How deserve to you possibly think that!’

‘Can you think it?’

‘Why don’t you protect against asking me thisquestion.’

You mustunderstand the context of the rhetorical question prior to deciding just how it shouldend.

15. Appropriate Use that Quantifiers

Quantifiers are used to offer information about the variety of something. Because that example, how numerous or how much, some or any, every or every. You should use the right quantifier v the right nouns. If friend see any kind of errors related to quantifiers, correct them there and then.


16. Use of Comparatives and also Superlatives

Comparativeadjectives are offered to make comparisons or to show change. For example, ‘Ourgarden is better than theirs’ or ‘Weneed a bigger garden’.

Superlativesare used to define the degree of something. For example, ‘It is the happiest job of my life’ or ‘Thiscouldn’t get any worse’.

You should checkfor the proper use that superlatives and comparatives. Typical mistakes like‘badder’ rather of ‘worse’ shouldn’t acquire past the proofreading phase.

17. Using Commas v Adjectives

Here are someguidelines to follow as soon as it concerns usingcommas with adjectives:

Adjectives that different types don’t require acomma between them. Because that example, ‘the vastconcrete river’.A comma is needed when you room using two or morequalitative adjectives. Because that example, ‘The long,dark time’.

Look formistakes in the usage of commas through adjectives once proofreading.

18. Usage of exactly Prepositions

Whenproofreading, you should also check if the writer has actually used the correctpreposition in their sentences. Preposition mistakes space pretty typical inwriting and also often walk unnoticed. Because that example, it must be ‘I danced at a party’and not ‘I danced on a party’.

19. Making use of the exactly Order of Adjectives

Adjectivesthat denote characteristics are usually used in a certain order. If theseadjectives are used in writing, then they should additionally follow this order.

NumberQualitySizeAgeShapeColorProper adjectivesPurpose

For example, ‘I am thinking of purchasing a big old blue antique car.

20. Exactly Subject-Verb Agreement

Whenproofreading, you should use the correct subject-verb agreement. It just meansthat the subject and also the verb have to agree in number. Both have to be singularor plural. You should not use the singular form of one and the plural type of theother.

For example: ‘Mary no like chicken’ or ‘This shirtis too huge for me’.

21. Using Diacritics where Needed

If a word needs a diacritic, climate you must include it, favor umlauts and accents. They adjust the joint of the word and also must never ever be missed. So, once you room proofreading, girlfriend must check for these small errors. For example, é denotes climbing voice and è denotes lowering voice.


22. Usage of Apostrophes

Many peoplemake the failure of making use of the not correct apostrophe rules in writing. You should checkfor these mistakes when proofreading. Right here are some an easy rules to follow.

Use ‘s if you want to display that one human isthe owner the something. Because that example, Clarke’s dog, Amy’s class, Ross’s cup. Youcan usage ‘s or simply an apostrophe because that the nouns finishing in s. For example, itis it s okay to write Ross’s or Ross’.For plural nouns that end with an s, you deserve to usejust use an apostrophe after the plural noun. Because that example, parents’ room orSmiths’ lives.For many nouns that don’t end in s, add ‘s tothe noun. For example, children books.Apostrophes are also used to do contractions.For this, you will have actually to remove some that the letters and also use one apostrophe intheir place. Because that example, they+will i do not care they’ll, is+not will end up being isn’t.

23. Comma Use

Commas need to beused effectively in the text. There are plenty of things to think about when putting acomma in a sentence. BusinessInsider has produced a complete guide top top comma usage. Offer it a review tounderstand how it’s done.

24. Sentences finishing in a Preposition

If girlfriend areproofreading a formal piece of writing, then you should ensure that none of thesentences end in a preposition. However, exceptions have the right to be made when it comesto not blocked writing.

25. Correct plural Forms

There shouldnot be any kind of incorrectplural develops in the text. For example, it’s ‘pieces the furniture’ and also not ‘furnitures’.Similarly, the many of ‘equipment’is no ‘equipments’ however ‘equipment’. News is both used as asingular and a many form. The correct plural kind of ‘sheep’ is no ‘sheeps’but ‘sheep’, etc.

26. Intake of Pronouns

Many writersmake the failure of wrongly using ‘me’ and also ‘I’ in sentences. Whenproofreading, girlfriend must examine for this mistakes. It becomes a tiny confusingeven for native speakers as soon as there is more than one topic or object in thesentence.

For example,‘Susan and me went to the movies’. Below the correct pronoun should be ‘I’ andnot ‘me’. A basic trick to get it ideal is to remove all various other subjectsfrom the sentence and then review it to view if it sounds right.

In thisexample, if you eliminate Susan, you space left through ‘Me checked out the movies’, whichsounds totally wrong. Girlfriend can constantly find the best pronoun by using thistrick.

27. Conjugation of Verbs

Verbs conjugate relying on the person, number, tense or mood. It is crucial to use the ideal verb conjugation loved one to the it is too dirty or number you space using. It is critical thing to look the end for when proofreading any type of document.


28. Extra or missing Letters

When you areproofreading, the is vital to examine for any absent letters or extra letters.Many times, multiple sclerosis Word is no able to catch these errors and also they even pass thehuman eye. Therefore, one must be extra cautious to view if every the native havebeen order correctly.

29. Utilizing Colon and Semicolon

Colon andsemicolons are also commonly misused. Inspect out this guideto see if you are using them correctly. As soon as proofreading, it is crucial touse the ideal punctuation come ensure the you obtain your message across correctly.

30. Modal develops of Verb

Verb formslike may/might, can/could, must, shall/ought/should, will/would, etc. Room knownas modal forms of verbs. Castle are also commonly misused in writing. That is oneof the points to look the end for once proofreading text for errors and mistakes.

31. Complete Stops after Abbreviations

There room someabbreviations that must finish in complete stops. For example, e.g. And also i.e. Check thetext completely to check out if this abbreviations finish in complete stops or not. Thesemay look favor minor errors, yet they make a difference between professional andunprofessional writing.

32. Complete Sentences

All sentence mustbe complete. We regularly tend to leave sentences incomplete as soon as we room writing ina flow. It is vital to check the text for any type of such instances wherein thesentences may be left incomplete. Inspect them and correct them come ensure thatthe text reads smoothly and there space no lacking thoughts.

33. Usage of dual Negatives

Simply put,double negatives mean the use of two an unfavorable words in the very same sentence. That isimportant to keep in mind that using two negatives in a sentence provides it apositive. The use of double negatives is not considered an excellent in English.

In fact, it isconsidered bad grammar and is not encouraged. It deserve to make thoughts andsentences confusing. Thus, twin negatives should never be supplied in formalwriting at least.

For example,‘This won’t carry out you no good’ and ‘I can’t uncover my keys nowhere’.

34. Exactly Capitalization that Headings

It is additionally important to check if the headings are correctly capitalized. Every writing and formatting format has a different means of capitalizing headings. Title Capitalization is one easy method to correctly capitalize her headings.


35. Omitted Words

We alsoaccidentally omit words once we room writing in a flow. As a proofreader, that isimportant to examine the message for any such omitted indigenous and include them wherenecessary. Omitted indigenous may adjust the definition of a sentence. Therefore, keepan eye out for any kind of instances of skipping words.

36. Rarely often rare Verbs

Irregularverbs are the ones whereby the past kind of the verb is not merely made by theaddition of -ed. Because that example, the previous tense of sing is sang and not singed.Similarly, the previous tense of feeling is felt and the past tense of go is went.

Check the textthoroughly to ensure that no such irregular verb mistakes room made in your writing.

37. Placement of negative Adverbs

Negativeadverbs are provided in composing to do a an adverse statement. These include not,no, nowhere, never, etc. There is a specific means to ar them in her text.When proofreading, friend must check if the placing ofthese an adverse adverbs is right.

38. Conditional Sentences

Conditionalsentences are ones that contain a conditional clause and also consequence. Forexample, ‘If girlfriend eat her lunch, I will take you come the park’. Whenproofreading for conditional sentences, make sure that the conditional clauseis complied with by a consequence.

39. Intake of phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbsare developed by the mix of a verb through a preposition or an adverb orboth. Because that example, punch up, give away, call off, carry up, look over, rotate off,etc.

You must checkif the phrasal verbs are provided correctly in the text.

40. Usage of sex Neutral pronouns for Objects

Objects can’tbe referred to as that or she. Only gender-neutral pronouns have to be offered whentalking about an object. For example, ‘The glass dropped on the floor. It to be on the table.’

41. Correct Spellings

Spellcheck is the most important part of proofreading. You must check each word for spelling errors and correct them. While there are many spellchecking software out there, hand-operated checking is constantly better. You have the right to run the message through software after you have manually confirm the text to be sure that you haven’t missed any kind of spelling error.



Stylisticerrors are also an extremely common in writing. When proofreading, you need to take noteof the following common style errors that authors make in their writing.

42. Suggest of View

Is the writer using an initial person or 2nd person allude of view?

Whichever theyuse, it should be consistent. If they use the an initial person point of view, theyshould finish their thought in the same.

43. Appropriate Adverbs and also Adjectives

An adjectivemodifies a noun, when an adverb modifies a verb. Adverbs and adjectives are commonlyconfused in writing. Therefore, once proofreading, you must inspect if the writerhas provided the 2 correctly.

44. Use of assistant Verbs

Auxiliaryverbs, likewise commonly well-known as helping verbs, give definition to a i or asentence. A sentence without them no make any type of sense. The is crucial tocheck if the writer has used the ideal helping verb in your sentences.

45. Commas After introductory Clauses

A comma comesafter an introductory phrase. Plenty of writers forget to add it or don’t know aboutit. That is crucial to check the message for this little error that can make a lotof difference when someone reads the text.

46. Audience appropriate Vocabulary

When writing,one should constantly use words and also vocabulary the are appropriate for theiraudience. The vocabulary you usage for children cannot be used for adults.Therefore, once proofreading, one should inspect if the writer has actually usedappropriate vocabulary together per your audience or not.

47. Framework of the Document

It is really important to take note of the structure of the document. Walk the paper need one introduction? has actually the writer provided a proper conclusion? A proofreader must inspect the text for these points to make the paper cohesive and also complete.


48. Explanation the Abbreviations

If you areusing some uncommon abbreviations in the text, climate they should be described thefirst time they are used. You have the right to then usage abbreviations whenever you desire toin the text. This will certainly make it simple for the reader to know what you mean.

49. Unnecessary Repetition

Are yourepeating sentence in her work? If yes, then they should be deleted.Unnecessary repetition provides the text boring and also the readers will shed theirinterest in the text. Therefore, over there shouldn’t be any type of unnecessary repetition.

50. Sentence Length

The sentences need to not be as well long. Long sentences room boring and an overwhelming to understand. Use quick sentences where possible. This will save the reader interested in the text.


51. Continuous Dialect

Whateverdialect the writer uses, british or American, it need to be consistentthroughout the work. Some American and also British spellings and words differ.Therefore, as soon as proofreading, one need to make certain that the same language isused throughout.

For example, ifyou are opting because that American English, you will write organization. However,ifyou are using brother English, you will certainly write organisation.

52. Quotation Marks

If you arequoting someone in the text, climate it should be enclosed in quotation marks. Thisseparates it from the rest of the text and makes it basic for the reader toidentify it together a quote. Also, you have to use the precise words the the person if youare making use of quotation marks.

53. Consistent technique to writing Numbers

There shouldbe a consistent strategy to creating numbers, and also it should be the samethroughout the text. For example, if you create five, then 7 should additionally bewritten in the same way. Do not use numeric number in one place and words in another.

54. Sentence Complexity

There is noneed to complicate sentences. As soon as it involves writing, simply remember come keepit simple.

55. Ambiguous Vocabulary

Try to avoid ambiguous vocabulary. Words that typical two things have the right to confuse the readers. Because that example, biannual way every various other year, too a double a year. The is better to usage an alternate word in this case to do it clear to the leader what you mean.


56. Contractions in official Writing

One shouldavoid making use of contractions in official writing. For example, if you are writing areport for her boss, friend shouldn’t use contractions. Because that example, use ‘do not’instead that ‘don’t’.

57. Consistent Writing Style

The writingstyle have to be continuous throughout. Change of writing format is pretty evidentto the reader and it puts lock off. Therefore, when proofreading, make surethat you have actually a continual writing style.

58. Circulation of Ideas

It isimportant to create a circulation of ideas and synchronize it through the text. An idealinked come the ahead idea need to come after ~ it. Giving away too numerous ideascan additionally make the text confusing for the reader.

59. Flow and also Length that Paragraphs

Yourparagraphs shouldn’t be too long. Also, ideally, the is finest to dedicate oneparagraph to one idea. Begin a new paragraph because that a brand-new idea.

60. Correct use of Idioms

If girlfriend areusing idioms in her text, then make sure that you room using lock right. Doublecheck their an interpretation and watch if castle fit into your context. Use of wrong idioms atthe wrong locations is common among non-native speakers.

If you are notsure, just leave out the idiom and keep things straightforward for yourself and yourreaders.

61. Differed Sentence Structure

It is crucial to use a range of sentence in your text. If you store using the exact same sentence framework over and also over again, the writing will come off together boring. Therefore, the is always best come mix and match points up to keep things amazing for the readers.


62. Clarity of Theme

The writershould it is in clear around their main argument if they desire the reader to understandit. When proofreading, the is essential to examine if the writing has a clearmessage the the readers have the right to take native the writing. Also, it should be retained assimple together possible. Reader don’t prefer things that room too complicated.

63. Answers to initial Brief

If you room followinga details brief, collection of accuse or questions, climate you need to follow it.This is specifically important in formal writing. For example, if you space writinga report for your college assignment, climate you should respond come the instructionsthat are listed to you by your instructor.

64. Making use of Commas in Lists

When friend aremaking a list of something, climate you need to use commas to separate one items fromthe other.

65. Consistent Use of Words

Your wordsshould be constant throughout the text. If you usage ‘among’ once, don’t use ‘amongst’later. The exact same rule uses to various other words choose while or whilst, between oramidst, etc. Everything you use, make sure you are consistent throughout thetext.

66. A Title because that the Document

The documentmust have an proper title. Even if it is it is a blog or a book, fiction or anyother genre the writing, an interesting title is the first thing that catchesthe attention of the reader. Therefore, as soon as proofreading, you must examine ifthe title of the document needs any kind of improvements or has any kind of mistakes in it.

67. Best Use that Deixis

It isimportant to usage deixis comprehensibly in the text. Because that example, ‘that’ and‘it’ are typically used wrong by numerous writers. Sometimes, they space putunnecessarily in sentences that don’t require them. Thus, once proofreading, youmust inspect for these tiny errors.

68. Tautologies

Avoid tautologies. Tautologies median saying the same thing twice using various words. You have actually said it once and also that’s enough. There is no should say the exact same thing over and also over again.



Formattingerrors should additionally not be ignored once you space proofreading content. Here aresome points to look for as soon as proofreading because that format.

69. Font Size

Use consistentfont size to ensure that the message doesn’t look turn off in any kind of section. Use the samefont dimension for every headings and text to ensure uniformity.

70. Font Type

Again, youshould usage the exact same font kind for all the text. Every the headings need to use thesame font kind and every the text have to use the very same font kind too.

71. Font Color

If friend areusing a black font color, store it constant throughout.

72. Utilizing Italics

If you room using any kind of non-English terms, then italicize them.


73. Web page Numbering

Number thepages. This renders it straightforward for the reader to keep track of whereby they left off.It additionally makes the writing organized. Also, save the web page numbering consistent.Use the exact same font size and type throughout the numbers.

Similarly, theposition of the number should likewise be consistent. If you started off withnumbering in the peak right corner, proceed with the same layout until the end.

74. Table and also Figure Numbering

All thefigures and also tables in the text need to be numbered. This provides it simple for thereader to find them and refer earlier to castle as and also when needed.

75. Photo Captions

If there areany images added to the text, then they should be accompanied by a caption.

76. Continual Formatting

The formattingshould be constant in every headings and sub-headings. Use the same font, fontcolor and also font size for each heading. Similarly, every sub-headings need to alsobe formatted in the same way.

77. Alignment that Text

Check because that howthe text is aligned. You have the right to left align all the message or justification it. Headingsare generally centered.

78. Formatting that Quotations

There must be continual formatting that quotations. If friend italicize or interlocutor one quotation, carry out the exact same for the rest of them.


79. Paragraph Spacing

Keep thespaces between paragraphs consistent.

80. Double Spaces

Accidentaldouble spaces are usual when you room using programs favor MS Word for typingthe content. When proofreading, girlfriend must inspect for any kind of extra spaces betweenwords and remove them.

81. Headers & Footers

Are youinserting other in the headers and footers? If yes, then make sure that theformatting is consistent. Content in the header and footer should have actually the samefont, size and also color and also should likewise be uniformly aligned.

82. Perform Numbering

Check if thelists in the content room numbered correctly.

83. Formatting of cartridge Points

Check because that theformatting of bullet points. All the cartridge points in the text must beformatted the very same way.

84. Margins

Leave enoughmargin on each side of the web page to avoid the message from feather cluttered.Similarly, each web page should also have a uniform top and bottom and left andright margin.

85. Indentation

The first lineof each paragraph is typically indented. However, this is not a addressed rule.Whatever indentation you space following, just make sure that you store it uniformthroughout.

86. Uniform photo Formatting

If friend are adding any photos in the content, then make certain that they room formatted in the same way. Friend can facility or left or appropriate align them, together per your needs and preference.


87. Monitor Formatting Conventions

If thedocument you are writing has to follow a certain formatting guideline, makesure the it is complied with to a t. Refer back to the instructions come ensure thatyou have not missed anything in the formatting.

88. Correct In-Text Referencing

If you arereferencing something indigenous your composing only, then you should give properin-text referencing for pages and figures. For example, ‘see number 5’ or ‘asmentioned on page 1’, etc.

89. Superscript and also Subscript Text

The formattingof every the superscript and subscript text have to be consistent.


Here space somethings to look for as soon as proofreading the referencing in her document.

90. Reference Validity

The referencesone puts in the content must be valid. They should be genuine references and also shouldbe accepted as valid. One cannot simply cite any type of reference without checking itsvalidity. Therefore, friend must inspect for the validity of references beforeadding them to her content.

91. Referral Style

Use aconsistent express style. For example, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. Don’tmix and match things. Refer earlier to the indict if you are writingsomething formal.

92. In-Text Citations

It is constantly recommended to include in-text citations particularly when you are writing scientific documents or other formal. Make certain you use the same reference style for in-text citations and references.

93. Valid Hyperlinks

If you room quoting some work-related that is obtainable online, then you must likewise hyperlink it. This is especially important when you room writing miscellaneous that will certainly be published online. The hyperlinks must be valid and they should attach to working websites. Over there shouldn’t be any type of broken links.


94. Precise Data and Facts

If girlfriend areadding part facts or data in your content, climate you need to double-check it foraccuracy. This is especially important as soon as you room quoting facts and figures.If possible, friend may also hyperlink the facts and figures come its source.

95. Plagiarism

Plagiarism, together mentionedbefore, is among the greatest sins once it involves writing. One have to not copysomeone else’s work. In addition to created plagiarism, authors must likewise avoidconceptual plagiarism. Lock shouldn’t usage someone else’s words and ideas tocreate their own piece.

Plagiarism isnot tolerated in any form of writing. Over there are plenty of online software prefer Grammarly. TurnItIn,Copyscape, etc., that one can use to examine the message for plagiarism.

96. Originality

The work you producemust be original. As discussed in the vault point, you have to not copyanything indigenous anyone else.

97. Referral All Tables

If girlfriend areadding tables from someone else’s work, you must reference them in your text.

98. Reference All Images


99. Recommendation All Figures

Are friend addingsome numbers or stats in her work? recommendation them and also hyperlink them backto their source.

100. Author’s Name

Author’s nameshould be consisted of in the document. You can include it in your MS word settings.

101. Contact Details

Do you haveany call details with which the readers can contact you? If yes, then addthem in the content as well.

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These to be 100+ points to look at for as soon as proofreading. Inspect a paper for all these errors when proofreading to make it error-free.