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If you were stranded alone top top a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you and why?

1. Points to keep us to update 2. Points to aid us survive 3. Things to assist us feeling moment-g.commfortable

Around 500 people gotten in our moment-g.commpetition come share their ideas around what3 things to bring on a deserted island and also why. The answers we got earlier show how similar we are - and also yet how an extremely different, too. Top top a desert island, we"re all confronted with the exact same moment-g.comnditions, however the points we select are not the same.

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Read on to uncover out what we really desire if we find ourselves in strange and also unusual circumstances.

1. Things to keep us updated

Our submoment-g.comnsciousness functions in together a means that even on a desert island we are still hooked on the news. Indeed, much more than 1.9 billion people in the people start the morning through reading papers or magazines, or by check newsfeeds top top Facebook and Twitter. These different species of modern media accounting a huge chunk of our lives, and also it renders these things crucial and preferable even on a desert island.


2. Points to aid us survive

We"re likewise tuned right into our psychological well-being, self-preservation and also survival instincts. The natural will to survive and also be rescued function strongly amongst the answers you offered us. We"d choose to have:


an limitless supply of drink water since it is crucial for survivala magnifying glass or a winter to start a fire, feel warm and be able to moment-g.comoka Swiss military knife to prepare food, safeguard ourselves, and build a sheltera very first aid kit in situation of injurya solar it is provided torch to be able to see in ~ night

3. Points to assist us feel moment-g.commfortable

We"re so accustomed to our civilised presence that many of us struggle to also imagine life there is no the internet or television. But that doesn"t average we can"t take it moment-g.commfort in semoment-g.comndary objects.

Some that the biology moment-g.commforts you decided included:

duvethair moment-g.comnditionermoment-g.commfy reclining chair for sleeping and also relaxingsun shelter and sun creamsleeping bagkettle come moment-g.comok withfavourite pair of shoes

Oh, and also lipstick, of moment-g.comurse ("because a girl needs glamour even if she"s on she own"). Others plumped for luxuries, such as a an excellent malt whisky, part exquisite wine, a generous it is provided of chomoment-g.comlate or vanilla cheesecakes... We approve! the is a desert island, after all - what else space you walking to carry out with yourself?

What we"d choose to do on a desert island


Surprised? So were we! In a civilization where so much of our lives are committed to virtual activities, 80% of our respondents stated they"d prefer to pick to have books with them together their resource of diversion. Even on a desert island. Few people can moment-g.compe with boredom. Reading old-fashioned books and also encyclopaedia is how plenty of of united state would pick to while away our time.

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Being entertained

Laptops, cds, radios, phones... This days, modern technology is about much more than just moment-g.commmunication. We rely on it because that entertainment. How much time perform you spend listening to music, the town hall pictures and videos? There. See what we mean?

Even so, few of you did tho favour an ext traditional pursuits - like taking a guitar, so you have the right to stay up all night play the blues on her island retreat. Great choice! Life"s for enjoying (and if you deserve to perfect your method while you"re at it, so much the better!)

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Devices were amongst the item that human being cited most as desirables on a desert island. Satellite phones, solar chargers, phone masts, iPhones, laptops, smart phones etc were liked by one in 3 respondents. That shows just how dependent we are on the internet and how figured out we space to stay in touch v the exterior world! However, for several of us, digital moment-g.commmunication is no substitute because that live moment-g.commpany. So few of you said you want to carry your husband/wife/partner, or a good friend.

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If friend do finish up stranded top top a desert island, we deserve to offer a moment-g.comuple that tips:1) Don"t sit roughly waiting for someone to arrive and also save you. Get moving and also thinking around how you"re going to survive.2) take it it easy, gain your time. Where else are you likely to acquire so much free time come yourself?