See just how each instance is comprised of a entirety number and a proper portion together? the is why that is dubbed a "mixed" portion (or blended number).

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We can provide names to every part of a mixed fraction:


Three varieties of Fractions

There space three types of fraction:


Mixed fountain or Improper fractions

We have the right to use one of two people an improper fraction or a mixed portion to display the very same amount.

For example 134 = 74, as shown here:


Converting Improper fountain to mixed Fractions

To transform an improper fraction to a blended fraction, follow these steps:
Divide the molecule by the denominator.Write down the entirety number answerThen write down any remainder over the denominator.

Example: convert 114 come a blended fraction.


11 ÷ 4 = 2 v a remainder that 3

Write down the 2 and also then create down the remainder (3) over the denominator (4).


2 34

That instance can be written choose this:


Example: convert 103 to a blended fraction.



3 13

Converting mixed Fractions come Improper Fractions

To convert a mixed portion to an not correct fraction, follow this steps:
Multiply the totality number part by the fraction"s denominator.Add the to the numeratorThen compose the an outcome on peak of the denominator.

Example: transform 325 come an improper fraction.

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Multiply the totality number part by the denominator:

3 × 5 = 15

Add the to the numerator:

15 + 2 = 17

Then write that an outcome above the denominator:


We deserve to do the numerator in one go:


Example: convert 219 to an wrong fraction.


Are not correct Fractions bad ?

NO, lock aren"t bad!

For mathematics they room actually better than blended fractions. Because mixed fractions have the right to be confusing once we create them in a formula: should the two components be added or multiplied?

Mixed Fraction: Improper Fraction:
What is:1 + 214?
Is it:1 + 2 + 14= 314 ?
Or is it:1 + 2 × 14= 112 ?
What is:1 + 94?
It is: 44 + 94 = 134

But, because that everyday use, world understand mixed fractions better.

Example: that is less complicated to say "I ate 214 sausages", than "I ate 94 sausages"

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