In this article, i am showing just how to change CVT fluid on the instance of my 4-cylinder Nissan Altima through 2.5L engine. I adhered to the precise instructions native the main Nissan repair manual and added my very own pictures and videos to enhance this tutorial. The same method will also work for many other Nissan and also some Infinity models v a CVT transmission. That is a an easy and easy process that is very comparable to transforming the engine oil. I will present you how to conserve a far-ranging amount of money by doing the yourself and also by shopping virtual for the best prices on the required parts. Girlfriend can likewise watch mine CVT fluid change video on YouTube here: 

Change vs. Flush

Flushing the CVT mechanism is forced after CVT liquid contamination or infection repair or at consistent maintenance intervals. It is a tiny more an overwhelming and calls for a better amount that CVT liquid to complete. All of the offered old CVT fluid is removed from the system, and new fluid or cleaning equipment is ran with the mechanism until all sludge, grime or contaminants are moved out. This is normally performed using committed professional equipment. Close to 100% of the old CVT fluid is removed during the do the washing up process. This job likewise costs dual if you were to take your automobile to someone to carry out it.

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Changing the CVT fluid is required at continual intervals to extend the life of your transmission. Throughout the changing process, just up come 85% that CVT liquid is drained native the drain pan top top the bottom the the transmission and then the exact same amount that fresh brand-new fluid is included to the system. In this article, we are only concentrating on transforming the CVT fluid. It is a pretty easy and also simple procedure and i hope to inspire you to carry out it yourself.

CVT fluid business intervals

Consult your car service and maintenance overview for proper CVT fluid change intervals. For most cars, consisting of my 2007 Nissan Altima, CVT fluid must be adjusted every 60 000 mile or 48 months under common driving conditions. If towing trailer, camper or car-top carrier, or control on stormy muddy roads – the liquid should be changed every 30 000 mile or every 24 months.

Required tools and also parts

It’s always good to have all the required tools prepared and at hand before starting any vehicle repair. Otherwise, you might not have the ability to finish functioning on the car or journey it the complying with day if girlfriend forgot to order one of the replacement components or don’t have actually the tools forced for the job. Here is the perform of tools and also parts I provided for this job together with Amazon affiliate links where you deserve to buy these items if necessary:

Checking CVT fluid level

First, let’s take it a watch at just how to properly inspect the CVT fluid level. That is essential to regularly examine the fluid approximately once a month and it just takes around 10 minutes. Always maintain the ideal fluid level and check because that leaks if the is low.

In addition, it can be valuable to verify the the CVT liquid is at the ideal level prior to you adjust it. Then you deserve to simply add the exact same amount the the brand-new fresh CVT fluid as you drain out of the transmission. Examine the CVT fluid level as soon as again ~ you are finished transforming it.

CVT liquid level must be checked when the liquid is warmed as much as 50-80°C (122-176°F). Drive your car for around 10 minute to reach the temperaturePark your automobile on a level level surfaceFully connect the parking brake and also let the engine idleOpen the hood and pull out the dipstick for the CVT fluid. Friend will need to push the locking tab to have the ability to do thatUse a lint-free record and wipe the fluid off that the dipstickRotate the dipstick 180 degrees to protect against locking it and then insert it all the means back into the CVT fluid pipePull the end the dipstickWhen finished, rotate the dipstick 180 degrees earlier to its initial position and also lock that in location securely

Checking the problem of the CVT fluid

You can inspect the CVT liquid at the finish of the dipstick or else you can drain a small amount of fluid from the drain hole on the bottom of the transmission. Place a fall of CVT liquid on a napkin or file towel to examine its color. Great Nissan NS-2 CVT fluid should it is in a bright eco-friendly color and it should have a sweet smell. Right here is the perform of negative symptoms come look for when checking the CVT fluid:

CVT liquid is really dark or has a burned smell. have your CVT checked for appropriate operation. Do the washing up the CVT cooling mechanism after repair.CVT fluid is contaminated through frictional debris. replace the radiator, clean and also flush the cooler line.Varnished CVT fluid. This is usually brought about by degraded CVT fluid because of high temperatures. Replace CVT fluid. Examine the transmission for malfunctions.Milky white or cloudy CVT fluid. caused by water or coolant present in the fluid. Find and also replace the source of the leak. Replace CVT fluid.Metal flour or particles blended in the CVT fluid. led to by excessive friction and also wear that the moving parts. Inspect and if crucial repair the CVT. Do the washing up the system and replace the CVT fluid.

What form of CVT liquid should i use?

Consult the owners hand-operated for exactly CVT fluid for her vehicle. Friend may also find the forced CVT fluid kind listed top top the infection dipstick when checking the fluid level. For example, mine 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S needs Nissan NS-2 CVT Fluid. Other more recent Nissan and Infinity cars may additionally use NS-3 CVT fluid. Execute not mix or use any type of other fluids various other than what is mentioned in your owners manual. Failing to perform so may an outcome in transmission damage, deteriorated longevity or performance issues.

How much CVT liquid should you get?

CVT transmission offers a huge amount that fluid. On my car, because that example, the liquid capacity is approx. 8.3L (7-1/4 lap quarts). When an altering CVT fluid, we room gonna have the ability to drain only up to 85% that the full fluid capacity. Because of this I will should buy about 6 quarts the CVT fluid. If her CVT liquid is tho a little dark after the first change and you want to change CVT fluid one more time, climate get dual of the amount – 12 quarts.


Where come buy brand-new CVT fluid.

Shop around for the best CVT liquid price. Because that example, my local Nissan dealer was offering 1qt the CVT liquid for $25 to add tax. That’s about $160 with taxes for 6qts. I was maybe to discover a far better deal on Amazon here. The prices were about $16-20 (and no tax) per quart of liquid or $96-120 because that 6qts. I beg your pardon is $40-60 in save when contrasted to my neighborhood dealer’s prices.

Draining old CVT fluid.

Since we are not doing a complete system flush, not all of the fluid will come the end of the transmission. That is hard to tell for sure just how much fluid will it is in drained, but it most likely won’t be more than 85% of the complete capacity. If the liquid level is proper, you deserve to later just include the same amount the CVT fluid as you take it out.

Warm up the CVT fluid to its typical operating temperature of 50-80°
C (122-176°F) by driving the car for about 10 minutes.Use vehicle ramps come get much better access come the bottom the the CVT transmissionRemove the 19mm (or 3/4 inch) drainpipe plug. Don’t acquire it perplexed with the engine oil drainpipe plug – they look very similar! drainpipe as lot CVT fluid as possible.Run built up used fluid through a document coffee filter to see if there are any type of contaminants. I discovered a small variety of black particles in my old fluid, yet it wasn’t something to issue about.
Collect and also measure the amount of CVT fluid that come out the the cooling system. I finished up draining roughly 5.5-6 quarts the fluid. I used an north 5-quart engine oil bottle and one empty CVT fluid bottle to measure it.


Shake CVT liquid bottles before using them.Check and also verify the suitable cold CVT fluid level before beginning the car. The fluid level might be a little greater than before since it hasn’t filled every one of the spaces inside the infection yet. And it is ok, as long as liquid level is not too low. It will go under after you drive the car.Start the car and also slowly go v the whole sifting variety a couple of times allowing each gear to totally engage.Drive for about 10 minutes and warm up the CVT liquid to 50-80C (122-176F).Check the hot CVT liquid level. Add an ext or drainpipe excessive fluid if necessary.Check the CVT fluid condition. Repeat the over steps if CVT fluid still look at contaminated.

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This CVT fluid adjust procedure may also apply come the adhering to models. Nissan Sentra, Versa, Versa Note, Altima, Maxima, Juke, Rogue, Rogue Sport, Murano. Infiniti JX60, QX50, QX60. Above the repair hand-operated for your specific car year, make and model for much more details.


You space done! take it pride in the good job you simply did and also think that some good use for the money you simply saved. I hope this write-up was helpful, thanks for checking out my website. Have actually a pretty day!P.S. Clock my CVT fluid change video clip on YouTube if friend missed it: