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2014 WK2 SRT aka "Jack" aFe agree Dry-S, Corsa Cat-back, BT Goodies, complete LED"s, Tint and also mostly blacked-out2008 WK 5.7L minimal aka "Jill" (Sold)

I would certainly take it to your local friendly dealer uneven you are comfortable removed the facility console. Sounds favor youve extended the cable anyway. There may also be an convey in the rear ebrake shoe somewhere...but the would require removal that the behind wheel......
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07 manual:OPERATIONThe parking brakes operated by a automatically tensioner mechanism developed into the hand lever and cable system. The prior cable is connected to the hand lever and the equalizer. The rear cables attached come the equalizer and the parking brake shoe actuator. A set of drum kind brake shoes are offered for parking brakes. The shoes are placed to the behind disc brake adaptor. The parking brake north is combined into the rear disc brake rotor. Parking brake cable convey is regulated by an automatic tensioner mechanism. The only adjustment if essential is to the park brake shoes if the linings are worn. PARKING BRAKE SYSTEMNOTE: Parking brake convey is managed by an automatically cable tensioner and also does not require adjustment. The just adjustment that may be vital would it is in to the park brake pair of shoes if they room worn. The parking brake move is in circuit v the red warning lamp in the dash. The move will cause the lamp to illuminate only when the parking brakes room applied. If the lamp remains on after parking brake release, the switch or wires are faulty. If the red lamp come on a error has emerged in the former or behind brake hydraulic system. If the red warning lamp and yellow warning lamp come on, the digital brake circulation may be at fault. In many cases, the actual reason of an improperly work parking brake (too loose/too tight/won"t hold), have the right to be traced to a parking brake component. NOTE: The leading cause of not correct parking brake operation, is too much clearance in between the parking brake shoes and also the shoes braking surface. Extreme clearance is a result of lining and/or north wear, drum surface machined oversize. Too much parking brake bar travel (sometimes defined as a loosened lever or too loose condition), is the an outcome of worn brake shoes, not correct brake shoe adjustment, or improperly assembled brake parts. A too loose condition can likewise be caused by inoperative or improperly assembled parking brake shoe parts. A problem where the parking brakes perform not hold, will most more than likely be due to a wheel brake component. Items come look for as soon as diagnosing a parking brake problem, are: Brake shoes wear Drum surface ar (in rear rotor) machined oversize front cable no secured to lever Rear cable no attached come actuator rear cable seized Parking brake lever not sit Parking brake lever bind through ADJUSTING device (ROTOR INSTALLED)Adjustment can be made v a typical brake gauge or with adjusting device . Convey is performed v the finish brake assembly installed on the backing plate. 1. Be certain parking brake bar is totally released. 2. Raise automobile so rear wheels have the right to be rotated freely. 3. Remove plug indigenous each accessibility hole in brake support plates. 4. Ease parking brake cable adjustment nut until there is slack in prior cable. 5. Insert adjusting device through assistance plate accessibility hole and engage device in this of adjusting screw star wheel . 6. Turn adjuster screw star wheel (move tool manage upward) till slight drag have the right to be felt as soon as wheel is rotated. 7. Push and hold adjuster lever away native star wheel with thin screwdriver. 8. Earlier off adjuster screw star wheel until brake drag is eliminated. 9. Repeat adjustment in ~ opposite wheel. Be certain adjustment is equal at both wheels. 10. Install assistance plate access hole plugs. 11. Adjust parking brake cable and also lower vehicle. 12. Depress park brake lever and make sure park brakes organize the auto staionary. 13. Release park brake lever.