check engine light come on so ns took my truck to AutoZone. Your diagnostic machine said it to be a downstream number 2 o2 sensor. Is there a diagram that can display me where exactly it is and also what bank it might be? many thanks in advance!

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Hi and also thanks for making use of space the directions because that removal and also replacement. The attached picture shows location. Based upon what girlfriend indicated, friend are in search of 2/2 in the picture.Here is a connect that shows in general how to change one: me recognize if this help or if you have other questions.Take care,Joe

thank you really much guys. I also forgot to cite that I changed 2/2 before and also it didn't deal with the examine engine light. In that situation would friend recommend an altering 1/2 and also 2/2 just to do sure?

Welcome back:Honestly, before I arbitrarily prize that, might you provide the trouble code that was found? I would certainly hate to say replace the other one and also waste your money. (since the new sensor was installed, has the computer system been cleared)? If so, did the light come earlier on v the very same code?If possible, permit me know the code. The sensor may not be the problem however rather a resistance issue in the wiring or other problem which is causing the sensor come fail.Let me know.Joe

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Welcome back: inspect out the diagrams (Below).That code is related to the sensor girlfriend replaced. Ns feel confident instead of the other sensor will not aid and will be a rubbish of money. Here is the problem. The circuit is open. Basically there is either a broken wire going to the sensor, among the pins in ~ the PCM or sensor or PCM is corroded and not permitting power to flow or the PCM itself has actually failed. Most likely it corrosion or a broken wire. Also, if you had connections apart, make certain none that the pins in the plug were pushed in and also not make contact.I dislike to perform this, however I am going to carry out a diagnostic circulation chart related specifically come this code. If you have the right to work slowly through it, girlfriend will discover the problem. Also, before beginning the procedure, confirm that wiring to the sensor isn't damaged, broken, or disconnected at any point. Additionally, salary attention as soon as checking the wiring all over it might touch an engine or exhaust component. Ns have regularly times watched wiring that breaks internally under the insulator and although you can't watch the break, you can feel it through your hands. Friend can also check the wire for continuity. Right here are the directions. Keep in mind that the pictures correlate with these directions. I will administer links at the end that will help with testing.P0161-O2 SENSOR 2/2 HEATER PERFORMANCEFor finish wiring diagrams refer to Diagrams/Electrical. - once Monitored:Continuously throughout O2 sensor heater operation with battery voltage in between 10.4 and 15.75 volts and also no O2 sensor circuit DTCs present. - collection Condition:The PCM detects no temperature adjust in the O2 sensor heater element when the heater circuit is active. The heater temperature is acquired by measure up the heater resistance and calculating the heater temperature. Two trip fault. Three great trips to revolve off the MIL.Always do the Pre-Diagnostic Troubleshooting procedure before proceeding. TESTING.Diagnostic Test1. O2 SENSOR HEATER OPERATIONTurn the ignition off.NOTE: Wait a minimum the 8 minutes to permit the O2 Sensor to cool down before continuing the test. Permit the O2 Sensor voltage to stabilize in between 4.6 and also 5.0 volts.Ignition on, engine not running.With a scan tool, actuate the O2 Heater Test.With a scan tool, screen 2/2 O2 Sensor voltage for at least 2 minutes.Does the voltage stay over 4.5 volts?Yes - go To 2No - describe the INTERMITTENT condition Diagnostic Procedure. See: Computers and also Control solution > ingredient Tests and also General Diagnostics > Intermittent Condition2. O2 SENSOR HEATER ELEMENTTurn the ignition off.NOTE: allow the O2 sensor to cool down to room temperature.Disconnect the O2 Sensor harness connector.Measure the resistance that the 2/2 O2 Heater Element, in between the O2 Heater control terminal and also the O2 Heater soil terminal in the O2 Sensor connector.NOTE: O2 Heater aspect resistance values should be measured in ~ 21.1 C (70 F). The resistance value will vary with various temperature values.Is the resistance that the O2 Sensor Heater facet between 2.0 and also 30.0 ohms?Yes - go To 3No - change the O2 Sensor. - perform POWERTRAIN confirmation TEST. See: A together L Diagnostic trouble Codes ( DTC ) > confirmation Tests > Powertrain confirmation Test3. (K399) O2 2/2 HEATER manage CIRCUIT OPENDisconnect the C3 PCM harness connector.CAUTION: do not probe the PCM harness connectors. Research the PCM exploit connectors will damage the PCM terminals resulting in bad terminal to pin connection. Download Miller Special tool #8815 to execute diagnosis.Measure the resistance the the (K399) O2 2/2 Heater regulate circuit native the O2 harness connector to the proper terminal that special device #8815.Is the resistance below 0.5 of an ohm?Yes - go To 4No - fix the excessive resistance in the (K399) O2 2/2 Heater manage circuit. - carry out POWERTRAIN verification TEST. See: A l L Diagnostic problem Codes ( DTC ) > confirmation Tests > Powertrain confirmation Test4. (Z992) O2 2/2 HEATER ground CIRCUIT OPENUsing a 12 volt check light associated to 12 volts, inspect the (Z992) floor circuit in the 2/2 Oxygen Sensor harness connector.NOTE: The test light have to be illuminated and bright. Compare the brightness to that of a direct link to the battery.Is the test light illuminated and bright?YesNo - fix the excessive resistance in the (Z992) O2 2/2 Heater ground circuit. - perform POWERTRAIN confirmation TEST. See: A together L Diagnostic problem Codes ( DTC ) > verification Tests > Powertrain confirmation Test5. PCMNOTE: before continuing, check the PCM harness connector terminals because that corrosion, damage, or terminal press out. Repair together necessary.Using the schematics together a guide, examine the wire harness and also connectors. Pay specific attention to every Power and Ground circuits.Were there any problems found?Yes - Repair as necessary. - carry out POWERTRAIN confirmation TEST. See: A l L Diagnostic trouble Codes ( DTC ) > confirmation Tests > Powertrain verification TestNo - Replace and program the Powertrain control Module. - execute POWERTRAIN confirmation TEST. See: A l L Diagnostic trouble Codes ( DTC ) > confirmation Tests > Powertrain verification TestPicture 5 reflects the PCM and also its location. The Powertrain control Module (PCM) is located in the right-rear ar of the engine compartment under the cowl. Now, two various PCM's are provided (JTEC and also NGC). These have the right to be conveniently identified. JTEC's use 3 32-way connectors, NGC's use four 38-way connectors.Now, the exam I consisted of require the usage of a volt meter or multi meter and also a check light. Below are web links that show how they are used. Also, I had a connect that shows how to inspect wiring.'t it is in intimidated by the directions. Simply take your time and also do one point at a time. Also, if girlfriend still can't obtain the engine light to reset, do this. Disconnect the battery (both an unfavorable and positive terminals). Using a zip tie, strap the terminal ends together and also let them like that for about fifteen minutes. This will drainpipe power native the capacitors and also should reset the system.Let me know if i can help or if you have other questions. Honestly, my first suspect is a corrosion worry at among the plugs or a damaged wire. The code indicates an open circuit, so basically, power deserve to not flow. It's attach a light switch in the turn off position.Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize what friend find.