The Mitsubishi Eclipse Crank Sensor is a hall impact sensor that’s placed to the prior of her 2.0 liter engine. This sensor is responsible for informing your Engine control Unit or ECU how quick your crankshaft is spinning and what place it’s at this time at. Using this data your ECU have the right to accurately regulate the spark occasions for optimum performance.

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When this sensor starts walk bad, you’re walking to have actually issues starting your Eclipse. If you very own an automatic transmission equipped Eclipse, it’s walking to be a seriously dangerous driving condition. Due to the fact that your ECU relies on the Eclipse Crank Sensor to watch where her crankshaft is at, if you space driving her engine will certainly unexpectedly revolve off.


This will certainly shut under your brake assist and also power steering and could cause you to crash. Because of this reason if girlfriend think your Eclipse Crank Sensor is walk bad, carry out not drive your auto until you acquire a possibility to test it. Today I will be mirroring you exactly how to test or troubleshoot your Eclipse Crank Sensor in a 1997 Non-Turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse. This automobile is equipped with a no turbo 2.0 liter engine.


If you very own a turbo Eclipse, this guide is not the appropriate one for you. Friend will need a 4G63 particular guide, or if you room wondering what crankwalk is inspect this indict here. In order to finish this Eclipse Crank Sensor DIY tutorial, you’ll need a digital multimeter. If you space scratching your head in ~ this term and also aren’t certain what that is, inspect this overview here.

Testing your Eclipse Crank Sensor because that Power

To start you’ll need to discover the 3 pin connector, which regrettably is placed to her crank place sensor. In order to accessibility this, you’ll require an automotive jack and also to remove the passenger side wheel to access the front of the engine. Once working on your vehicle, make sure to work-related with safety first and foremost.

Once you’ve got accessibility to your Eclipse crank sensor, you’ll be making use of your multimeter to check the operation. The an initial wire you’ll be checking for is pen C top top the ENGINE next of the wiring harness. To begin testing insert her ignition crucial and revolve it come the “ON” position to power your engine sensors.


With the vital turned come the “ON” position, friend should have a strength signal at pin C. When you’ve figured out your crank sensor has power, relocate onto the soil signal. This is pen B on her Eclipse crank sensor, and remember you space checking the ENGINE harness side.

Testing your Eclipse Crank Sensor for Signal

The last component of our how To DIY test is experimentation the crank sensor because that the ideal signal. Store your ignition vital turned come the “ON” position, and also remove her spark plugs to relax compression in your engine. This renders it much easier for you to manually crank or revolve your 2.0 liter non turbo engine.

Reconnect the crank edge sensor and trace earlier the pin A cable on her engine harness. Pierce this wire with your multimeter, and also slowly rotate your crankshaft over making use of a front crank wheel wrench or a 1/2 inch drive.

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As you rotate your engine you have to see a voltage from .02-.04 switch to 5.0 volts of DC voltage. This is your Eclipse crank sensor choose up the teeth or the high and low clues of her crankshaft trigger.

If your crank edge sensor doesn’t return this values, or girlfriend still have a OBDII trouble password for your crank sensor, it’s time for a replacement. Have any kind of questions about our Mitsubishi Eclipse crank sensor tutorial? leave them for united state below and let united state know!