The heater blower works most of the time. As soon as I begin the car an initial time in the morning" the blower works. Once I closeup of the door the auto off , and then begin it up after one hour or two, sometimes the blower will certainly start and also sometimes that won"t. After driving for a while, at some time it will begin blowing. If that doesn"t begin by itself,sometimes if ns tap the area where the blower is, that will start blowing.

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armature may have actually a flat spot in it. Once you tap that or struggle a bang it will relocate it a small and acquire it turn off the flat spot

Thank you. I will certainly look at a poor connection or change the blower motor. Ns thougt that it might be a negative Resistor Module. Is tha possible?

A 2002 blower motor is over ten year old. The brushes space worn down and also get stuck in the brush holders. Tapping the motor division them loose. Replace the blower motor.

I have a similar issue with my 2000 Park Avenue. Ns took the panel turn off behind the dash, found the resistor module, and also the wires over there seem to be loose. If I push on castle the a/c works for awhile. Climate it vibrates and stops/starts intermittently. It seems the connector to the resistor is negative on mine. Looks favor some of the wires might be making a negative connection within the plug. I"m do the efforts to discover the plug but it looks like my just option might be to buy a brand-new resistor. Examine your wires. Can be the very same problem. It it s okay pretty hot at the connection, and also my plug has a melted spot.

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Hi Donna, I"m having this precise same issue. As soon as I relocate the connector around and also push it into the resistor the works. Ever find any info? can I simply replace the plug? The resistor is expensive :(

I dont understand if this will certainly be seen yet I additionally have a blower concern in my 1998 La Sabre. My blower greatly doesnt work also all the control functions watch right. The hook because that me is mine will occasionally pop on if i hit the horn. What the hell does the mean? as soon as I to be angered at the thing not working, ns hir the horn and also it began blowing. It only works every currently n climate so ns drive roughly tapping the horn. Anyone? Anyone?

I"m having the same most likely with my 05 tradition lesabre periodically doesn"t work yet after driving because that a bit the blower motor kicks on. I"m guessing a negative connection somewhere simply haven"t had the time to go through and check. To be having troubles withe tac, gas and also temp gaugesgoing nutz. Yesterday walk through and cleaned the chassis grounds and dielectric grease top top them to hopefully sluggish corrosion it seems ~ to work for tac yet maybe it to be just having the battery disconnected that reset it.

Santana, the gauge swarm in a the majority of GM cars and also trucks from the early 2000"s to around 2006 have a bit of a poor reputation for going bad. The cluster in mine 2004 LeSabre started going nuts, and also I discovered that there space several locations online that will rebuild it for you. I shipped it in, and also $40 and also a main later, I had a working gauge cluster.As for the blower issue, mine has also stopped working, and I"m right now trying to figure out if it"s the resistor or the motor. With my luck, it"ll most likely be the resistor

I have a 2003 Buick LeSabre whereby the blower motor periodically work and sometimes that doesn"t. But when it works and I step on the gas to blower slow down and when ns let off the gas that goes faster again. Therefore I put the gauge all the method up to the highest speed because that the blower motor and it"s quiet slows down as soon as I step on the gas. It seems choose it"s not getting sufficient power. I will inspect the battery connectors an initial which i haven"t done and also then after 2 some much more checking ns will article back