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I"ve searched roughly the forum yet I don"t see any kind of how-to because that recharging the wait conditioner? need to do it for my 69k 2001 ztec SE...

Its really straightforward to do, you have to jack up the passengers next of the car, pull the prior wheel off and also the fender well earlier and you"ll watch the fitting next to the condensor. Just go come AutoZone and also get a couple of cans of R134a and a gauge... The gauge will have actually the "cool zone" marked on it.Just make sure the engine is running with the AC on as soon as recharging it.

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go to the passenger next wheel well, and use a #30 torz bit to remove the screw holding the fender liner come the prior bumper... That is the bottom screw, girlfriend cant miss it. Youll have to move your steering wheel (i forgot i m sorry way) to gain clearance to acquire in there. Youll want the car to it is in on, and have the a/c on full blast, through max a/c on so friend get an excellent circulation v the system. Pull earlier the fender liner and wedge it on the tires so you can see. There will be a silver- canister with a couple lines comes from it, and also an oversized valvestem lid on it (its just a dust cover, try not to shed it though), take that off and also hook up your fill line from your refrigerant can. If friend dont have actually r134 flowing to it, youll view the present system pressure, when your get r134 flowing, itll drop to 0. Youll desire to stop the filling to view where your push is at, friend dont want it over 45 i think. I discovered out the hard way, youll obtain a much better fill if you rotate the deserve to upside down, becuase theres really not enough pressure to keep the fluids in the deserve to flowing into the a/c system. Mose r134 gauges on to fill lines are shade coded v a nice general color system. Environment-friendly is low, blue is good, yellow id caution (almost too high) and also red is too much system pressure... I try to keep mine right at the line wherein the blue meets the yellow, and also itll typically last me a few months. I have a leaking evaporator core that im too lazy to readjust and dont feeling like having actually ford change it since they desire too much money. I uncovered i can buy a $7 have the right to of r134 and itll critical me transparent the summer. Im still on my very first can ns bought last year, it doesnt take much to make it cold. If you want to do it right, go to port freight and buy a r134 vacuum system, i think theyre like $9 or something, and probably only an excellent for 1 or 2 vacuums, however theyre cheap. Vacuum the mechanism for a an excellent 30-45 minutes (with the vehicle running), then litter a can of leak stop in there, and also let it operation for an additional 10 minutes with that flowing, then top it off with regular r134. Thatll seal your device for around a year or so. Im saying this becuase if youre currently filling your a/c, something is leaking, and there room easier and cheaper methods to gain it working than to start replacing parts. Typically an a/c mechanism should be great for around 10 years prior to needing a recharge. Hope this help, and great luck man.