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Haynes book says "Some models on motorists may need to remove clockwise. Us don"t understand whickh means to go with this. It"s hard to acquire off. Carry out we turn respond to clock or clockwise? Driver next front hub nut. Also, can"t number out what socket come use. 1 3/4" has too much play, and also 1 5/8" does not fit on all the way. Can"t figure out what size socket to use.Thanks for any type of help.

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I have a 98 and also both my nuts space standard threaded, and yes they"re really hard to acquire off. It"s a 1 11/16" socket and also i tried using a 2ft 1/2" breaker bar v a pipe and also i can see the pipe and also bar bending without it moving. So ns just grabbed my Dewalt electrical 1/2" affect gun (350ft lb reverse torque) and also blasted it ideal off in around 10 sec. Would have actually done that an initial but i didn"t have influence grade sockets and also didn"t desire to risk shattering them if the breaker bar would have actually done the job.

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2007 Dodge ram 1500 Quad Cab huge Horn 4x4Yeah, it"s acquired a HEMI!Pretty lot stock because that now, still way much better than my 98
Sears craftsman selling the 1 11/16" socket ... Go get the biggest 3/4 journey breaker bar you can find !!!!!! I provided a 5 " pipe and had to jump up and also down on the to rest it totally free !!??!!!!! great luck over there a bitch too get off if you don"t have a good impact .... Mine 97" was counter clock wise ...
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