AbbreviationDescriptionA/CLLocated in the air cleanerA/CL DVAir Cleaner Diverter ValveA/CL BI METAir Cleaner Bi-Metallic ValveA/CL CWMAir Cleaner Cold Weather ModulatorACTAir fee Temperature Sensor, before 1992ACTSAir Cleaner Temperature SensorACVAir regulate ValveAIRThermactor, short for heat Reactor. CA vehicles are mounted with it as standard. Wait Injection Reaction is what the stands for.AIR BPVAIR Bypass (AIRB) Valve; additionally called the TAB (Thermactor waiting Bypass) ValveBVBowl Vent (on height of the float tanks)CARBCarburetorCBDClosed key DistributorCPRVCanister Purge ValveDISTDistributorDPFEDifferential press FeedbackDV-TWTwo Way delay ValveEFCAElectronic Fuel regulate Assembly / (Fuel pressure Regulator (FPR)EGRExhaust Gas RecirculationEGRC/EGRVEGR Vent/EGR ControlEXH HCVExhaust Heat control ValveEVPEGR Valve PositionEGRValve PositionEVREGR Vacuum Regulator; additionally called EGR Vacuum SolenoidFLTRFilterFPRFuel press Regulator (check vacuum line)HEAT VLV INTHeat Vacuum control Valve Intake, (next come carb)HICVHot Idle manage ValveIATIntake waiting Temperature Sensor (Air charge Temperature (ACT), prior to 1992IVVThermactor Idle Vacuum ValveLCVEGR pack ControlMAN VACManifold vacuum-Vacuum source; commonly ref. To as Vacuum Tree atop intake manifoldMAPManifold absolute PressurePCVPositive Crankcase VentilationPURGEVapor Canister Purge ValvePVPorted VacuumPVSPorted Vacuum move (PVS) ValveSSpark portSA-FVSeparator Assembly Fuel/VacuumSOLVThermactor Solenoid ValveSV CBVCarborator Fuel key Solenoid Vent ValveTCACThermostatically managed Air CleanerTCPTemperature Compensated Accelerator PumpTKThrottle KickerTVSThrottle Valve Solenoid (aka Solepot, Dashpot) OR Temperature Vacuum SwitchTVVThermal Vacuum Valve OR Thermostatic Vacuum Valve (aka porting Vacuum Switches; heat Vacuum Valve)VACVacuumVCKVVacuum inspect ValveVCVVacuum control ValveVDVVacuum hold-up ValveV CK V or VCVVacuum check ValveVOTMVacuum Operated throttle ModulatorVRDVDistributor Vacuum delay Valve (VDV, VRDV, DV-TW)VRDVVacuum hold-up Valve (VDV, VRDV, DV-TW)VRESERVacuum Reservoir (coffee can layout in previously years; replaced by plastic style)VRESV RESTon previously years such together SEABRONC’s 83 is a Vacuum Restictor/delay valve, it delays vacuum for a specific amount of timeVRVVacuum Regulator ValveWOTWide open Throttle Valve