The Saint-Gaudens $20 twin Eagle is one of the many sought after gold coins top top the sector today. This gold pieces were created by the U.S. Mint from 1907 come 1933. The coin is called after the designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful U.S. Coins ever minted.

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The Saint-Gaudens $20 gold coin to be the an outcome of president Theodore Roosevelt’s desire come beautify U.S. Coinage. Chairman Roosevelt felt that Saint-Gaudens was the male who could aid him do so.

Saint-Gaudens eventually passed away prior to the designs to be finalized to enter production. The coin’s high relief is stated to have made the coin challenging to strike, and U.S. Mint chef engraver Charles Barber made some changes to the style that enabled it to be struck through a single blow.

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Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin-What certified dealer Pay

The worth of a Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin have the right to vary significantly based on the coin’s mint year and overall condition. Because that example, a 1907 Saint-Gaudens in great condition may sell for roughly $1139 or close come the existing price that gold. A 1908-S, on the other hand, might sell because that over $8600 if in uncirculated condition. If you have actually a Saint-Gaudens gold coin that appears to be in great shape, you might want to send that in to a experienced coin grading company such together PCGS or NGC.

By going v the trouble of having your coin graded by a professional, girlfriend may acquire a much much better idea as to the coin’s actual condition and fair market value. The grading procedure is quite intense and accounts for even the the smallest imperfections in a coin. Grading provides peace the mind, however, together not only is the coin’s problem considered but the coin’s authenticity and metal content are additionally verified.

Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin worth is Conditional

You have the right to examine her $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin yourself to acquire an idea of just how your coin might potentially be graded. For starters, merely pick a suggest of reference. For example, you might decide to initially focus on the torch held by Lady Liberty. If the torch feels worn down and looks substantially eroded, the coin is likely only in great condition. If the torch has actually just young wear and tear, the coin might be in well condition. If the torch remains crisp, clear and robust through no damage or discoloration, then the coin might potentially be in exceptionally fine condition. The course, you will have actually to closely examine every detail on her coin for signs of wear and also tear. In addition, the coin’s overall color and hue should likewise be considered.

Finding the an important Mintmarks

On the turning back of the coin, the mintmark is just listed below the date. “D” is for the Denver Mint. “S” is for the mountain Francisco Mint. The various other facility to develop these coins, Philadelphia, did not use a mintmark. The editions through mintmarks might potentially have higher values and you will absolutely want to recognize which place minted her coin.

Saint-Gaudens $20 Coins and also Increasing Value

The worth of the Saint-Gaudens $20 Coin is obtained from the coin’s gold content and collector demand. Because this coin contains practically one trojan ounce of gold, that value have the right to be significantly affected by changes in the price that gold. In addition, this coin is considered to be one of the most visually appeal ever created by the U.S. Mint. The beautiful design together with the coin’s yellow content and also increasing age may possibly keep premiums ~ above the rise.

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St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin

1907 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$11,000$12,000
1908 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$11,000$12,000
1908 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1908 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$3,750$6,000
1909 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1909 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,850$1,900
1909 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1910 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1910 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1910 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1911 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1911 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1911 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1912 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1913 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1913 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1913 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,850$1,875
1914 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1914 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1914 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1915 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1915 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1916 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1920 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1920 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$20,000$25,000
1921 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$37,500$55,000
1922 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1922 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$1,900$2,000
1923 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1923 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1924 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1924 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (D)N/AN/A$2,500$2,750
1924 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/A$2,500$2,750
1925 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1925 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (D)N/AN/A$3,200$3,750
1925 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$3,000$3,750
1926 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1926 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$12,000$14,000
1926 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/A$2,450$2,750
1927 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1927 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (D)N/AN/AN/A$475,000
1927 St. Gaudens $20 gold Coin (S)N/AN/AN/A$14,000
1928 St. Gaudens $20 gold CoinN/AN/A$1,475$1,485
1929 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/AN/A$13,500
1930 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (S)N/AN/AN/A$42,000
1931 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/AN/A$20,000
1931 St. Gaudens $20 yellow Coin (D)N/AN/AN/A$20,000
1932 St. Gaudens $20 yellow CoinN/AN/AN/A$20,000
Source: Red Book

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