CAS No. 112-14-1 chemical Name: Acetic acid octyl ester Synonyms FEMA 2806;AcO-8C-OH;n Acetate;ACETATE C-8;Octylacetat;Octyl Acefafe;Octyl acetate;Octylethanoate;1-octylacetate;1-Octyl acetate CBNumber: CB5323281 molecule Formula: C10H20O2 Formula Weight: 172.26 MOL File: 112-14-1.mol

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melt point: -38.5°C boiling point: 211 °C(lit.) density 0.868 vapor density 5.9 (vs air) refractive table of contents n20/D 1.418(lit.) FEMA 2806 | OCTYL ACETATE flash point: 187 °F type Liquid shade Clear colorless smell orange-jasmine smell explosive limit 8.14% JECFA Number 130 BRN 1754554 CAS DataBase recommendation 112-14-1(CAS DataBase Reference) Substances added to Food (formerly EAFUS) OCTYL ACETATE NIST Chemistry recommendation Acetic acid, octyl ester(112-14-1) EPA problem Registry mechanism Acetic acid, octyl ester (112-14-1)

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Octyl acetate has a fruity odor reminiscent that neroli and also jasminewith a fruity, contempt bitter taste suggestive of peach. May besynthesized through acetylation of the equivalent alcohol.

Chemical Properties

Octyl acetate has actually a fruity smell reminiscent of neroli and also jasmine through a fruity, slightly bitter taste suggestive that peach.

Chemical Properties

clear COLOURLESS liquid


Reported discovered in the important oils of green tea, Heracleum giganteum L., orange peel, lemon peel, grapefruitpeel, mandarin peel, Satsuma mandarin peel and also pummelo peel. Additionally reported found in Ocimum basilicum varieties, wheaten bread,cheddar cheese, red wine, sparkling wine and nectarine.


Octyl Acetate is a flavoring agent that is a colorless liquid v a fruity odor the same, similar thing orange and also jasmine. The is miscible in alcohol, oils, and other essential solvents, and also insoluble in water. That is acquired by chemistry synthesis.


through acetylation of the corresponding alcohol.


ChEBI: The acetate ester of octan-1-ol.

Aroma threshold values

Detection: 23 come 47 ppb


n-Octyl acetate inhibited acetylcholine in ~ 14°C in secluded guinea-pigileum by combining through the acetylcholine receptor top top the muscle (Takagi & Takayanagi,1966).

Safety Profile

Moderately toxic byingestion. A skin irritant. Combustibleliquid. As soon as heated come decomposition itemits acrid smoke and irritating fumes. Seealso ESTERS.


In exam of the availability of power from assorted compounds included to the diet, tt-octyl acetate was made use of satisfactorily by chicks and by rats

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