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While both megapixels (MP) and also megabytes (MB) refer to the dimension of digital objects (such as photos of your art), lock measure fully different aspects of one image.

Pixels are dimensional size.MB are prefer the load of the picture file.

MegaPixels (pixels or px)

measure the dimension of digital images, sensors and displaysPixels are the size or actual physical size of her image

MegaBytes (MB or Mb) 

measure the dimension of digital files (such together photos, documents, etc).MB is how huge overall the digital record is

An image might be 550px x 309px. This method it is 550 pixels large by 309 pixels tall. The as whole size of the document however, may be 1 MB. This is exactly how much space it will certainly take up on your computer.

Image Size is the measurement - length and also width - of an image in digital format. This can be measure up in pixels (px), the format we use, or inch etc.

Image Resolution, or dpi, is the quantity of dots every square customs of an image when it is printed.

The difference in between these two is that picture size designates how huge your photo will be regarded on monitors, and resolution reflects printer quality.

See this FAQ:Image Upload Sizefor details on what dimension your photos should it is in to upload to your FASO Artwork portfolio.

For much more info please review the following posts in full. 

Excerpt native this article:How many pixels space in a megabyte?

The number of pixels in one megabyte depends on the shade mode the the picture. 

8-bit (256 color) picture, there room 1048576, or 1024 X 1024 pixels in one megabyte.16-bit (65536 colors) picture, one megabyte includes 524288 (1024 X 512) pixels. 24-bit RGB (16.7 million colors) picture, one megabyte has approximately 349920 (486 X 720) pixels. 32-bit CYMK (16.7 million colors) picture, one megabyte has actually 262144 (512 X 512) pixels. 48-bit picture, one megabyte has actually only 174960 (486 X 360) pixels.

Excerpt indigenous this article:Image size vs record Size vs Pixel size vs saved Size

Images have an ext than one paper size, and I don"t think anyone has actually come increase with great terminology that distinguishes which dimension is being referenced at any time.

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Some document sizes:

The size of the document on your hard diskThe dimension of the file open in your image editorThe pixel dimensions of your image

Excerpt indigenous this article:Photo records 101: All about Megapixels, Megabytes, and also DPIAlas, there"s no direct means to correlate pixel size and record size. A 10-megapixel photo could "weigh" much less than a megabyte top top your difficult drive. Or it might "weigh" as lot as 6 megabytes. 

The document size depends on several factors, consisting of the variety of megapixels, the paper format you"re using (such as JPEG or RAW), and also the lot of record compression provided to save the photo, which is sometimes referred to together the top quality setting.